Friendship #writebravely

“I will not talk in the class again.” Chirag had to write on the board, 20 times.

His friends in the first row cheered him on in hushed tones, “Hurry up!” 

Their teacher heard it on the last row and smiled. 

A wave of nostalgia engulfed her. Naughtiness sure helped one find friendship in school!

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Prompt: Disobedience


Caught red-handed #FridayFotoFiction


She bit her lip to avoid screaming out loud whenever her smooth skin brushed against the rough greasy interior of the car trunk. She felt disgusted, filthy but this was imperative.

His behaviour of late had aroused a lot of suspicion. His offhand attitude paired with frequent implausible excuses had made her take this extreme step. Spying wasn’t her style, yet this situation called for it.

As the car came to a halt in the parking lot, she waited patiently for him to get out. She had overheard their indulgent conversations and laughter in the trunk. “He has replaced me with her!” she felt a pang of jealousy.

With her judgement clouded by his blind love, the question of how she would get out hadn’t crossed her mind. As she pondered her next move, the hood opened up and he, flabbergasted, asked, “Mom! What are you doing here?”

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The Hope #writebravely


The amusement in this mundane exercise was laced with underlying hope.

Suddenly loving caretakers, good food, decent clothes and clean surroundings were comprehensible indications of what was to happen.

With their rarely filled tummies and fast-pacing hearts, the children stood in a line with bated breaths.

The couple wanting to adopt had arrived. God bless!

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Prompt: Bated breath


My relationship with books :-)

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I won’t call myself a bookworm, primarily because my reading lulls are frequent and range from a few days, weeks to even a few months sometimes. Matters of precedence, too much of reading churning a cocktail of thoughts in my mind or, most commonly, time required to process something heavy that I read, make me want to restrain myself from diving into a new book.

Like many others I know of, having a stack of unread books doesn’t deter me from buying new ones. There is an unspeakable feeling of comfort in knowing that a whole lot of new and interesting characters, safely ensconced in the wonderful-smelling pages of the book, are waiting patiently for me to discover and hopefully fall in love with them. It is the beginning of a relationship, already. 🙂

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Is it weird that I’m obsessively possessive about my books? Defacing them by writing or drawing on them is sacrilege (although I did that with my course books, for recalling later). Back in college, it broke my heart to write my name even on my own books but it wasn’t an option since the friends who borrowed them had to remember that they belonged to me and return them! 😀 😛

While A Jr has a growing stash of books, his disregard to their upkeep makes me want to nip his reading love in its bud at times. Of course, I don’t act on it. I keep reminding him that a book, any book, is like a blessing of the Goddess of knowledge, Saraswati, and we must respect and value it for what its worth. It does register but also gets wiped out in no time, until the next sermon from his neurotic mother. :-/ 

With two kids, festive season, blogging and other responsibilities, squeezing out time for reading is becoming increasingly difficult for me nowadays. The half-read books lying on my bedside grumpily stare at me, springing to life once in a while only to realise that I’m dusting the accumulated layers of dust off them. “Soon!”, I make a silent promise, to them and myself. 🙂

What is your book story? Are you a fellow book-loving weirdo? Any new books you read? Recommendations? Anything at all, share with me!

Inscrutable foodie #FridayFotoFiction

They knew each other since college time, had been working together for years and were amongst the lucky few who had turned their passion into a profession. They got an incredible thrill from it.

It was one thing for these foodie friends to explore inexpensive food-joints as students and treat themselves to the best there was in street food, and drastically another to be called upon by plush restaurants, served and treated as royalty so they could post favourable reviews for them on their website.

Their friendship with each other wasn’t beyond their love for food though. She had reprimanded him in hushed tones on several occasions for stealing a bite from her plate or gulping down her wine while she visited the restroom.

This time, however, as his hand moved gingerly to grab a piece of her chocolate chip cookie, she stopped him midway. He shrugged and meekly smiled.

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Beautiful Rangoli Designs you must try this #Diwali!

Diwali is lot more than a festival of lights. It is about cleaning up, fresh painting and decorating our homes to welcome happiness and positivity, coming together of families, friends and loved ones, dressing up in our best finery, enjoying each other’s company over a wide variety of yummy delicacies and endless Diwali parties!

I’m collaborating with a group of 14 awesome bloggers this year who are giving you some beautiful tips related to food, fashion, decorating your home at a budget and so on. Thank a ton Minakshi, who blogs at Mommystimeline, for sending over the train to my station and writing a lovely post on how to please Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali. Do check it out!

The significance of Diwali is primarily attached with lighting lamps but the role colours play in the overall celebration is also very important. It is believed that on Lakshmi Pujan day Goddess Lakshmi herself comes down on earth to bless her devotees with health and prosperity. While diyas/lamps are lighted to guide and invite her to one’s place, beautiful Rangoli patterns are laid out to welcome her in the house.

As a child, Rangolis excited me more than even gorging on great food. I remember laying out dots with the help of the specially dotted Rangoli paper my Mom got for me and seeking her help in choosing the right colours and patterns. She patiently let me take hours to make the simplest designs and was always appreciative. It was thrilling when I won a Rangoli-making competition at the age of 10!

Rangolis are traditionally made with crushed limestone, coloured chalk powder, rice powder and even flowers. As with many other things, they have evolved over time with everything from emboss, fusion, shadow, water, movable coloured glass and wood design patterns, etc making way for the use of creativity in crafting unique designs and Rangoli styles.

Here are few traditional and trendy Rangoli patterns you can use this year to beautifully adorn your doorstep for Goddess Lakshmi’s welcome.

Traditional Sanskar Bharti Rangoli. You can create huge designs in no time and use endless colour combinations.




Flower Rangoli designs require patience but look absolutely gorgeous.


images (1)

Beautiful glass and wood Rangolis are available in the market. Simply arrange them at your doorstep and you are done!



Fusion Rangolis can be created by adding these patterns to traditional Rangoli designs.


Make the floor your canvas and create whatever you like. Sky is the limit!


If you are pressed for time or don’t want to experiment much, there are simple designs you can try.


Bring out those big old copper utensils from the basement or get new decorative ones and use them for this flower Rangoli. Best part, you can use it indoors too.


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55 Fiction ~ Terminal #writebravely


He was amazed at the clarity of his thoughts while staring into the face of death.

He had erred, first in forming relationships and second, in maintaining them.

Did he deserve lying on his deathbed with no one by his side, then? He hoped not.

Holding the pen, he opined, “I must seek their forgiveness.”

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Prompt: Terminal


The Door #writebravely


He turned and looked at the worn wooden door. “Just one last time.” He promised himself. As his gaze lingered upon it for longer than he intended, he noticed the scant remnants of the faded orange paint on it. “I had done it up myself.” He reminisced. The door, once magnificent and still heavy, was amongst the last of the few existing but fast deteriorating structures of its time.

Shashank, the sole force behind the creation and running of this endeavour, had mixed feelings today. From convincing the village Panchayat to let him clean and use this huge, discarded bungalow to going door-to-door and begging people to send their kids to his make-shift school, he had done it all alone.

Himself a science graduate, he wanted to do his bit to make sure that kids in his village didn’t have to travel to a nearby village everyday to the closest school for basic education, like he had to. From leaking roofs, kids disappearing during sowing and reaping time for helping their parents, rampant health diseases owing to unsanitary conditions to insufficient financial aid to get school supplies, hurdles were aplenty but he crossed them all with his grit and determination.

Fondly called ‘Master’ by everyone, he became a well-known figure in the small cluster of villages in the vicinity. His ambition wasn’t limited to this though. His continued efforts had borne fruit and the orders had finally come through. Not far from here, a Government school was going to come up in his village soon. The first batch of students, his students, would soon join there. While he rejoiced at the thought of their progress, a part of him grieved for the closing down of his own labour of love.

“My child will live on in my memories, forever.” He consoled himself.

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Prompt: Nostalgia


Reflection in the Mirror


Smart phones and social media have made us all obsessed with looking good 24*7. Being glued to the screen is a common sight with teenagers and their parents alike nowadays. Added to it the age-old fixation with fairness, getting the perfect ‘model’ body and being beautiful in a way that has been beaten into our minds since childhood are making us suffer with self-esteem issues more than ever.

Whatever happened with ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’? Have we forgotten the concept altogether? I would cheer someone on who sweats it out for good health and a fit body, but is starving yourself while following some current diet fad or going under the knife to ‘enhance’ your own beauty really necessary? Wouldn’t the mirror remind you of the part of you that has gone forever every time you look at it?

True, to each his own. I’m nobody to sermon anyone on individuality here. I do believe though that if we want anyone to love and respect us unconditionally, then we must begin that with ourselves.

What do you have to say about this? Do you agree with me? Share your thoughts with me!

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Life through my Bioscope


Suffering #writebravely

The clock struck one
She shuddered, terror-struck
Anticipating timorously
The door flinging open
Her heart beat frantically
Her palms sweaty, greasy
Her eyes shut tight
Every sound alarming her
Then it happened, she knew
Like it did every month
His whole month’s pay
Lost to gambling and drugs
An errant tear rolled down
As she repented yet again
No god or men of god
Could take away her pain
She was a wife, a mother
But for him, a piece of flesh
To be ravaged, traded freely
In their life she lived her death

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Prompt: Pattern

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