The Decision #FridayFotoFiction

She gazed at the fire without blinking. 
The cacophony created by the fusion of numerous sounds like the chanting of mantras, the non-stop banter of friends and relatives or her irritatingly teasing cousins would’ve driven her up the wall on any other day; today had other pressing matters.

She had given her consent to this but hadn’t accounted for the mental agony it would put her through. He was a good guy. Was she right in entering into this relationship with baggage?

She felt his hand touching her shoulder and turned to him, surprised. He signalled her to come closer and whispered softly in her ear, “Don’t be nervous, please. I will try my best. Promise!” 

“He’s sweet and earnest.” she thought and smiled. When she looked at the fire again this time, she knew she had to burn her hurtful past in it and start afresh, for him.

Linking this with Mayuri and Tina for #FridayFotoFiction


9 thoughts on “The Decision #FridayFotoFiction

    1. You are right, Gaurav. I felt this was constricted. The story could be developed better even within 500 words. Her past or does her husband know and accept it…nothing could be explained.


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