Beautiful Rangoli Designs you must try this #Diwali!

Diwali is lot more than a festival of lights. It is about cleaning up, fresh painting and decorating our homes to welcome happiness and positivity, coming together of families, friends and loved ones, dressing up in our best finery, enjoying each other’s company over a wide variety of yummy delicacies and endless Diwali parties!

I’m collaborating with a group of 14 awesome bloggers this year who are giving you some beautiful tips related to food, fashion, decorating your home at a budget and so on. Thank a ton Minakshi, who blogs at Mommystimeline, for sending over the train to my station and writing a lovely post on how to please Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali. Do check it out!

The significance of Diwali is primarily attached with lighting lamps but the role colours play in the overall celebration is also very important. It is believed that on Lakshmi Pujan day Goddess Lakshmi herself comes down on earth to bless her devotees with health and prosperity. While diyas/lamps are lighted to guide and invite her to one’s place, beautiful Rangoli patterns are laid out to welcome her in the house.

As a child, Rangolis excited me more than even gorging on great food. I remember laying out dots with the help of the specially dotted Rangoli paper my Mom got for me and seeking her help in choosing the right colours and patterns. She patiently let me take hours to make the simplest designs and was always appreciative. It was thrilling when I won a Rangoli-making competition at the age of 10!

Rangolis are traditionally made with crushed limestone, coloured chalk powder, rice powder and even flowers. As with many other things, they have evolved over time with everything from emboss, fusion, shadow, water, movable coloured glass and wood design patterns, etc making way for the use of creativity in crafting unique designs and Rangoli styles.

Here are few traditional and trendy Rangoli patterns you can use this year to beautifully adorn your doorstep for Goddess Lakshmi’s welcome.

Traditional Sanskar Bharti Rangoli. You can create huge designs in no time and use endless colour combinations.




Flower Rangoli designs require patience but look absolutely gorgeous.


images (1)

Beautiful glass and wood Rangolis are available in the market. Simply arrange them at your doorstep and you are done!



Fusion Rangolis can be created by adding these patterns to traditional Rangoli designs.


Make the floor your canvas and create whatever you like. Sky is the limit!


If you are pressed for time or don’t want to experiment much, there are simple designs you can try.


Bring out those big old copper utensils from the basement or get new decorative ones and use them for this flower Rangoli. Best part, you can use it indoors too.


I’m now directing the train to the next stop, Dipika! Dipika Singh is an MBA by profession with a wide span of corporate experience from Hospitality to Banking. Her passion to write and express kick-started ‘Gleefulblogger’ in early 2017 which represents different emotions and facets of today’s woman.

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73 thoughts on “Beautiful Rangoli Designs you must try this #Diwali!

  1. Wow some beautiful rangoli designs for Diwali . All looks very beautiful and neatly done. Every year I make rangoli with flowers leaves and with beautiful rangoli colours. Thanks for sharing these beautiful designs. Will try some from these.

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  2. I love the idea of Rangoli and am usually inept at creating a good one. Your post has me motivated to try some decoration at our door this year. The idea of an urn decoration is definitely do-able 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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