Reflection in the Mirror


Smart phones and social media have made us all obsessed with looking good 24*7. Being glued to the screen is a common sight with teenagers and their parents alike nowadays. Added to it the age-old fixation with fairness, getting the perfect ‘model’ body and being beautiful in a way that has been beaten into our minds since childhood are making us suffer with self-esteem issues more than ever.

Whatever happened with ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’? Have we forgotten the concept altogether? I would cheer someone on who sweats it out for good health and a fit body, but is starving yourself while following some current diet fad or going under the knife to ‘enhance’ your own beauty really necessary? Wouldn’t the mirror remind you of the part of you that has gone forever every time you look at it?

True, to each his own. I’m nobody to sermon anyone on individuality here. I do believe though that if we want anyone to love and respect us unconditionally, then we must begin that with ourselves.

What do you have to say about this? Do you agree with me? Share your thoughts with me!

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48 thoughts on “Reflection in the Mirror

    1. I know what you mean. I ridiculed myself for the way I looked and then one day, I just stopped. Why bother when I have a mind that is far more worth knowing!


  1. my very thoughts when I see people go through extreme measure to look perfect! Why can’t we be perfect just the way we are!? It’s all because of the constant social pressure I say.. people should let one be as is – because then they would just be! love this post!

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  2. If you want to be healthy and look fit, then you must sweat it out. I am against the new fads of effortless quickies. I read about this lady who has gone under the knife more than 60 times to get that perfect look. It has become more of an obsession than the need to just look perfect.

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    1. The perfection word is beyond me, Perfy (pun unintended). 😁
      Going under the knife might serve the purpose temporarily. What about the side-effects and efforts to maintain ourselves after it? Isn’t it easier to simply sweat it out logically before itself?
      P.S: I’m yet to reply to some of your comments. Will do so soon. Sorry much for the delay. 🙏


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