5 fashion tips for girls this Navratri #NavratriHoppers

Navratri, the festival that commemorates womanhood, might be celebrated differently in different customs around the length and breadth of our country but the one thing that unites us all is the revelry and anticipation associated with it!

I’m delighted to be part of this Navratri blog train #NavratriHoppers where a group of 12 versatile bloggers have come together to share their views, suggestions and expertise on all things Navratri and women. Thank you so much Deepika for bringing me in. Follow her social channels to stay updated:

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As a teenager I remember raiding my mother’s wardrobe and jewellery box, mixing and matching it with my own and trying out all sorts of innovative makeup, colours and shades to create a different festive look for all the nine days.

Hoping there’s still time before my pretty and enthusiastic doll of a girl will exercise similar privileges with me, I wanted to make this experience enjoyable for her. The princess that she is, catering to her specific choices and passing the muster wasn’t a cakewalk!

When it comes to shopping for kids, the most important thing is to ensure that they feel comfortable, the cloth must be soft and shouldn’t cause any rash and most important, they must wrap our million dollar babies in the best way possible.

Here are my recommendations on what your budding fashionista must wear this Navratri:

#1 Anarkali gown with a poncho twist


Ponchos are very trendy these days, be it for adults or kids. This exquisitely detailed netted poncho looks elegant with a simple full length anarkali which has beautiful embroidery work on the waist. Since they aren’t attached, you can wear them together or team them up with something else. No frills needed with this one, except a thick bracelet and a pair of chic sandals.

#2 Netted Pathani in Red and Gold


This Pathani dress can be worn to a function and can also be easily managed in a crowded Garba place. The colours are both festive and give a rich feel to it. You can accessorise it with hair accessories, a smart neckpiece, earrings and a handful of bangles. If worn together with the red and gold sari my blog friend Jayshree suggests, you are sure to be the best-looking pair on the floor!

#3 Go Yellow the traditional way


Navratri cannot be imagined without atleast one of these vibrant, mirrored and so very attractive Garba dresses. Backless cholis, embroidered blouses, halter-neck tops and what not, there are plenty of designs to choose from. These have limited colour options but one can hardly complain. Accessorise it with the pompom jewellery my blog friend Amreen recommends and your look is complete!

#4 Colourful beaded jewellery


Little girls want to copy their elders but the darlings don’t have the patience to put up with it for long and even lose them easily. With their comfort and safety in mind, I’d suggest you select such beaded, weightless non-expensive jewellery for them. Lots of good options are available in the market. Select something she likes and wears happily.

#5 Trendy footwear


Footwear is quite tricky and a personal choice but, keeping the dancing in mind, make sure you avoid those blingy sandals or chappals because they may bite. There are many cute jootis available that go well with traditional as well as modern outfits and aren’t hard on your girl’s delicate feet.

You will find lot more options if you sift through local markets at Kalbadevi, Borivali, Dadar, Santacruz or even Vashi. Hope this helped you. When it comes to fashion trends and fusion, sky is the limit! Have a great Navratri, all of you. Look good, feel good, enjoy yourself and be safe!

I’m now passing over the baton to Rakhi, who will take the train ahead from here. Check out her social channels:

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Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/lifethrumumseyes

I’m collaborating with a group of 12 versatile bloggers for this Navratri blog train #NavratriHoppers. Do check out other wonderful Navratri posts under this hashtag!



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