Who are you

Who are you, just a certain someone

Who knows not my life, or the trials I face.

Call me by names you think fit for me,

I promise I’m fine, without your little grace.


You question my judgement, strangely when

You won’t take anything to be where I am,

Had I ever sought out any blessings from you?

Think hard and well, before trying to slam.


Your eyes size me up from far far away,

The assault continues way long after that.

I bite my tongue, hold the colourful words back,

But trust me in my mind, you’re a rotten rat.


Am I wrong in being so wary of some people,

And wanting to remove them from life, forever?

Turning a new leaf will do me a world of good,

If friends be like this, I’ll say I want none, never.


14 thoughts on “Who are you

  1. In today’s world things don’t seem to be the same always.

    Everyone has their own agenda .. people have become very materialistic I believe.
    And yes turning a new leaf will be good and we don’t need such friends indeed.

    Take care

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    1. The judgement part is what I hate the most, Bikram. My choices and my life should be my concern, isn’t it? Why do others have to offer unsolicited advice? I’ve had it with them.
      I’m ok, really. It is out of my system now. 🙂


  2. I normally leave poetry posts with a “Like”, since I consider myself unqualified to really make a comment 😀 But this one, simple and strong. Very well conveyed.
    Yeah – judge only when you’re very sure you’re above all of those and will never do or have done anything wrong to anyone ever. Which means, no one is qualified to ever judge anyone. And really, if you judge, you’re not a friend.

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    1. Yup, exactly what I wanted to say. Unless we are in someone’s shoes (or even otherwise) we have no right to judge anyone. Friends are supposed to be supportive and help us sail through a difficult situation. If they too hold us wrong, what good are they?
      As far as my poems are concerned, you are qualified. I write what comes to mind, only tweaking a bit to make it rhyme well. You got it. I’m happy. 🙂

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