Realising dreams


“We are ready any time you are, Ma’m.” the photographer said.

This was it. Her moment had arrived. Many hours had been spent on dress fittings, her make-up and hair so she could get the perfect look today. She looked and felt like a princess, no less. Is this how being special felt?

As she looked down the window at the beautiful wedding setting one last time, her heart was filled with a pang of jealousy. Who was she fooling? This wasn’t real.

Her handsome groom was just another model, like her. This was simply an assignment and soon enough glossy magazine pages would adorn this ‘wedding’ for selling bridal wear.

She returned to the antique mirror as directed and smiled radiantly into it, gorgeous and hopeful. Sure the wedding was fake, but her dreams weren’t.

Linking to Mayuri and Tina for Friday Foto Fiction


10 thoughts on “Realising dreams

  1. We hardly realize what the models must feel after they have walked in couture gowns and then separate from them. Very nice Varsha. Thanks for linking up with #FridayFotoFiction


    1. They say most broken hearts are hidden behind the most obvious smiles. That must be true for models, won’t it? Getting a touch of magic and then having to let go must be hard.
      Glad you liked it darling. 😘


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