Patience or laziness

Have you ever stared at a blank screen or a page with a hundred thoughts in your mind and are yet completely disillusioned about which one to pen down first or how to come up with something that will make you feel liberated and worthy of yourself? Well, that’s where I am right now and it is a wretched, uncomfortable feeling.

Last few months have gone in a jiffy and I have no recollection of anything meaningful I’ve managed to do during this time. If anything, my workout routine has gone for a toss and trips to our natives (complete with hearty three-course meals almost everyday) have pushed me into blaming my ‘expansion’ to the killing summer heat. I want to believe I might have company here.

The one who blogged daily, now I blog sparsely and read even fewer blogs. While I looked in awe at the amazingly large number of bloggers participating in the April A to Z Challenge and coming up with awesome themes and posts, I don’t know why I kept away from it. Was I not confident of pulling it off? May be or may be time crunch was a lame excuse.

I’ve probably said this before and am saying it again. Vacations are for kids. For us mothers they mean 24 hours of non-stop playing referee, cooking, cleaning, sleep-deprivation and irritation. I’ve sorely missed the routine of dropping A Jr off to school and then crashing on my bed for my afternoon siesta with Angel. Just this last one week, I motivate and remind myself!

Writing is the most therapeutic thing for me and sadly it is something I haven’t been able to do lately. The ideas that I had left to ferment have all gone bad now and I can’t recognise them anymore. I’ve seemed to cross the thin line between being patient and being lazy. True, I’ve been busy with other things but first love cannot be replaced or ignored!

If you’ve liked reading my blog and would like me to continue writing here, would you please drop a comment for me to feel inspired? There is nothing more heartening than knowing that if even for one tiny moment someone took time out of their life and shared it for you, with you. (I wouldn’t mind if you choose to reprimand me for not visiting your blog. It is a different kind of encouragement. 😉 )


It isn’t Valentine’s Day, still <3 :-)

I sit across you on that high wooden table, me a bundle of nerves.

Am I dressed right?

Am I looking okay?

I wish my hair wasn’t sticky.

Why didn’t I put on make-up?

I notice the way you look at me, past all these outward guises.

The love in your eyes, the smile on your lips, disarmingly real.

Is he from this world or am I day-dreaming again?

Wait, let me pinch myself and get assured.

Just then, as if on cue you hold my hand and my gaze.

Everything’s still in that moment, but my world is spinning.

Is this how it feels, to be swept off your feet?
I don’t know if its true, but I feel beautiful!

Reality or fantasy, I cannot care anymore.

Yes, someone loves me now, more than I ever did myself.

Make your kids enjoy learning with #AppyStore

“These belonged to me, but you can have them now.” said A Jr and generously offered Angel his big cd folder which had every single cd he had owned (or I gifted him?) ever since he was a year old. Nursery rhymes, prayers, stories, alphabets, numbers and what have you, it was all there!

It was a glorious moment for me as a mother since my kids had figured out the organic process of learning and ‘handing over the baton’ all by themselves. Yet, admittedly, the inherent problem of carrying around a laptop for their anytime ‘cd craving’ wasn’t appealing to me still. Couldn’t something handier be invented to suffice it?

I was hence delighted when my predicament was answered with the AppyStore app! The best and most helpful part for me was the Audio feature for children below 2 years of age. Not only was it the perfect tool to help Angel learn on-the-go; everything from educational material and nursery rhymes to fun facts about our world and social awareness was available at my fingertip.

I’m a hands-on mother and always try to make my kids aware of themselves and their surroundings by talking to them. However, over time I’ve realised that this one-way teaching method may turn into a sermon and the child may lose interest quickly. What grabs a child’s attention is visual and hearing aids like animation and music and it helps if early education has munificent doses of both!

The AppyStore app addresses this perfectly by fusing colourful lively music videos with simple fun learning techniques for children which aid in overall mental and physical development of the child. Even if the child doesn’t talk or sing, the tune registers in its mind and can get recalled easily later.

2017-05-12 22.00.23

2017-05-12 22.01.04

2017-05-12 21.59.49

Parents like to enrol their kids for short or long fun summer camps depending upon the time left after their elaborate travel plans during summer vacations. AppyStore has made summer camps a convenient affair by organising online summer camps which can be attended hassle-free from anywhere and don’t hamper any other arrangements. Registration is simple and easy.

Since the kids will be back-to-school in June, AppyStore app will serve as an excellent refresher and supplement the kids’ learning before stepping back to the school.

As part of this review I received some attractive and fabulous age-appropriate worksheets for both A Jr and Angel and they loved and attacked them with gusto! While Angel’s colours spilled far beyond the boundaries, A Jr solved all questions accurately. Any which way, both were mighty impressed with themselves. I was a proud mother, yet again.


If you’re a parent who believes in letting their kids enjoy themselves while learning a thing or two, this app is just for you. I witnessed an intimate sibling bonding developing between my kids while spending time with the app and it was a lot more than what I had expected from it. It is definitely worth trying out.


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AppyStore is giving away FREE 10 age appropriate worksheets, to those who download the app from here. Moreover, once you download the app, you can get a 15-day free trial where you can enhance your child’s learning with plenty of educative videos. So, what are you waiting for? Get the app now and fill your details in the form.

Are children’s games only games?

I’m going to let these pictures do the talking today.

This is a Mechanix helicopter that A Jr made in his vacations with a little help from me towards the end, simply because after toiling for more than two hours over it and fastening and unfastening the many nuts and bolts over and over again his patience had more or less worn off and his eyes were close to getting moist.


All girls/women who at least once in their lives played with these miniature utensils and kitchen sets, please put your hands up! Well, I cannot see any raised hands now but am assuming there will be many.

I loved playing with this cute and tiny kitchen stuff as a child. Somehow, I feel my love for cooking too blossomed sometime then because even amid my mother’s stark disapproval and my Dad’s severe reprimands, I always squeezed my way into the kitchen at a young age and began my not-so-bad and edible culinary experiments.


I’m not the one to set gender-based preferences with my kids, but I don’t know why when someone suggested that I get a kitchen set for Angel to play with, I was completely averse to the idea. I even retorted saying, “She has her books and other toys. She doesn’t need it!”

Yes, I had one to play with as a child but parents back then didn’t really give so much thought to the impression such games left on children’s minds. Everybody had one, so did me and I liked it. My brother was obsessed with cars and had half a room full of them of all shapes and sizes. We never laid hands on each other’s toys.

I don’t want to be a stereotypical mother but I don’t want to be the one who doesn’t let her kids explore their own tastes and likes too. The helicopter isn’t necessarily for A Jr and only Angel doesn’t need to play toys that are traditionally meant for girls. My job right now is merely to give her exposure to a variety of things so she grows into an informed person.

Barbie sets, doctor sets, kitchen sets, doll houses, cars or yet another Mechanix set. She’s too young and can pick what she wants to play with when she’s ready, right?

Happy Meets

I met up with an old friend after a long time today and it was nothing short of a revelation. There are many things we fail to recognise and observe in a person even after closely spending many hours with them over a long period of time.

None of the things that mattered to our juvenile minds and egos back then hold any relevance today. We have both evolved and gracefully blossomed into mature individuals who are tolerant of each other’s likes and preferences.

She is one of my very few close girl friends and holds a special place in my heart. Here’s to many more such ‘catching up’ meets and bonding over coffee. ☕ 🙂

A man thing, or may be not

I’ve come to my native to spend a week of A Jr’s summer vacation with my father. Few days ago he got some minor brickwork done in the house like getting some windows closed and getting some door frames changed, as well as some major furniture rearrangement.

Due to this a lot of Mom’s ‘collected’ stuff lost it’s coveted position and was literally left lying on the floor because, try as he may, Dad simply didn’t know how and where to begin to put it. While our maid had a field day (or week) due to lesser work, he was eagerly waiting for me to land there and help him keep it properly in a way Mom would approve.

The scattered heap of clothes and books in my room never bothered me but when I couldn’t even see the colour of the floor tiles anymore and couldn’t find any place to keep our suitcases, I knew we had to sort the mess out with a vengeance. 

Most of it was easy for me to put away since I was Mom’s wing man when it came to doing this kind of work. Routine stuff like her saris (which she carefully selected and preserved over many years and which we still cannot bring ourselves to divide or give away), new bedsheets, jewellery etc. didn’t require a lot of effort, thankfully.

While on one side I marvelled at her liking to spend so much on things that largely went unused, on the other side I came across some of her priceless memories in the form of some letters that Dad wrote to her during their engagement period as well as the time she had gone home for delivering me. 

I had heard a lot about them from her and would have loved to get a whiff of the ‘purane zamane ka pyar’ wale confessions but the temptation to read them evaporated quickly as I didn’t want to invade their privacy. A doesn’t even send me an ‘I love you’ message and Dad wrote long letters when he missed Mom. How romantic!

I was playfully teasing him about it and begging him to teach his son-in-law a thing or two so I could hold on to something in his absence too. Dad didn’t utter a word, only managing a forced meek cursory smile somehow. 

When I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and came back within a minute, to my horror, there was a big mountain of roughly torn bits and pieces of those letters at his feet. Not only did he not feel like reading them but also, in his own words, wanted to ‘do away with memories that only hurt’. As simple as that!

There I was, not letting him throw away a birthday card I had given to my brother when we were in college for its keepsake value and then there was Dad, who had razed away a large chunk of his marriage memorablia in one clean swipe without the slightest hesitation. I was speechless.

It is possible that I’m not able to understand the hurt a partner’s long illness and sad demise can cause to the one left behind. He wrote the letters out of love and concern, didn’t he? Did he feel no attachment with them? I couldn’t help wondering whether Mom would do the same if, God forbid, the situation ever arose. 

I’m no one to judge Dad. It is the gender that confuses me at times. Do only women care more about preserving such memories? Can men really detach themselves so easily from things that mattered a lot to them at some point in their lives? Can they control their emotions? Can wiping out physical reminders erase the memories that were an integral part of them too?