Things on our minds

A is reading the newspaper and growses that Vijay Mallya and the related corrupt people are having the last laugh while we slog endlessly to make a living for ourselves.

A Jr is so overjoyed that Chris Gayle, the Six-machine, has touched the 10,000 run mark in his T20 career (and slightly apprehensive that he’ll break Sachin’s records soon) that he has forgotten its past 11 a.m and he hasn’t had breakfast yet.

Angel’s concerns are deeply limited in making sure that Mom’s old mobile phones or purses aren’t tossed away while she’s asleep. She’s holding them close to her chest even in bed now.

Me? I’m bothered about everything from Sonu Nigam’s tweets, making it to an event uneventfully (interesting word play? 🙂 ) on Saturday, what to make for lunch and which playschool to enroll Angel in. 

So many things to worry about in life…shouldn’t we just chuckle about them and have fun? 😂😂😂


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