Cranky, but helpful :-)

I saw her everyday

Her usual fiery self

A command here

A reprimand there

I knew she meant well

But was rough, alright

Her words carved in stone

For everyone in sight

Living next door to us

Alone, most of the day

Made her seek my help

In more than one way

She called at odd hours

For the smallest things

Flipping channels on her tv

Or placing calls till it rings

It bothered me sometimes

And even made me cranky

Did I really have to do it

She was just another Aunty

Then one day, by mistake

She locked herself out of home

Terrified, she banged at my door

Blabbering, if I could come

Her expression was alarming

And I joined her at once

She had summoned someone

But was in a kind of trance

Her eyes had welled up

She hadn’t eaten till then

My offers to wait in our home

Were waived off and forgotten

Someone came with the keys

She heaved a sigh of relief

She took a sip of water, finally

But her anxiety still left a whiff

Thanking me profusely

She entered her home again

And I was left wondering

Being patient with people, isn’t at all vain


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