To blog or not to blog

A Jr’s vacations will start in a couple of days and since we aren’t going anywhere before picking up his results this month-end, I and he were exploring options on what he/we can do this time round that will both be fun and (although slightly boring) useful.

Swimming classes have long been on the agenda and hopefully will materialise now. If only A Jr didn’t catch a cold at the drop of a hat this would’ve happened sooner. A friend of mine is conducting activity classes like Madhubani painting on cups, warli painted lamps, pottery, etc. I wish he would take this, but patience for only one class and preference to swimming cannot be won over. Sigh!

Anyway, the interesting thing is that my boy has developed a liking for writing. Big time. It is only limited to essays in English and Hindi as of now, but the fact that the ‘My Documents’ folder on my laptop has many Word files created and saved by him (some without my knowledge) is a clear indication that with a little encouragement he could do better.

The idea sounded exciting at first and it was me who suggested him to start a blog of his own, but his first question “Who will read it, Mamma? How will I get followers?” itself, stumped me. Did I pass this I-have-so-and-so-many-followers bug to him subconsciously? Should I have been more careful about discussing it while he was around?

As nicely as I could, I told him that we have to write because we like and enjoy it. Who reads it shouldn’t be a concern, or atleast not unless we have to please or cater to someone else due to work commitments. While I fervently hoped in my heart that my almost 9yo wouldn’t jump to other social media just as yet, he seemed rather content with getting limited readership with his own proud mother for now. ☺

I’m excited to see how he transforms his imagination into words and how the lovely stories he makes up often unravel slowly in front of him and give him the immense joy of creating something precious.


13 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog

  1. Wonderful list of activities planned Varsha. Blogging is definitely a good idea. I am sure many will appreciate and follow what he writes, but if the idea of a kids blog can be initiated, it would be great. Kids reading each other’s writing, commenting , learning !! It would be an amazing experience for them!

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    1. I was so tempted Radhi, I would’ve easily joined the kids batch if I could. Angel cannot be left alone, so that’s on to-do list for now.
      He kept asking, what will I write about and all. I gave him suggestions to write about his day, his friends or even his sister if he likes. Kid blogging is really a good concept. How much they will learn with the interaction!

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  2. Agree with Radhika! We need to have some system where the kids can read other kid’s blogs, let me know if there is something though. My son so wants to start one too.
    Lovely ideas for the holiday, V! Sure please pass on some links, would love to read them.

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    1. As of now he is still getting over the ‘sleeping and waking up anytime’ phase. The blog hasn’t take life yet. But yes, once it is up I will definitely share links with you.
      I asked him to write short posts for now and then slowly go for long ones. The boy loses patience easily. Let’s see how far he goes. ☺

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      1. True. I’m teaching him to go through a dictionary now. Any doubt about words, I will hopefully be spared from now on. He is a live question paper. Asks and asks and asks. πŸ™†πŸ™πŸ™‰


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