Share your madness with me :-)

How many times have you had people say to you, “Are you mad?”? How many times have you wondered “I never knew I could be that silly!”? How many times have your friends poked fun at you and told you “What were you thinking?”?

Recollecting a whole bunch of such instances will surely put you in my ‘awesome’ list and not being able to come up with anything might be a wake-up call for you to try and shift from the borderline abnormalcy by doing something completely unlike you and be the crazy person you were meant to be! :mrgreen:

We all have some madness inside us but we spoil it by growing up or atleast convincing ourselves that we have to mature with age and give up on the cute little silly things that made us happy. 

Today I want you to share the funny things you still do that aren’t exactly conventional or normal but are fun for you nonetheless. Doesn’t matter if they are embarrassing or foolish. Who are we to judge each other anyway, right? 😉

Let’s begin with me. I love getting dressed in pretty clothes I have no intention of buying and taking selfies in the changing rooms. You will find loads of such photos in my phone. 😜

While A scoffs at me being well aware of my intention, I buy cartoon cds on the pretext of showing them to the kids and end up marathon-watching them myself. 😂

Also, sometimes I add extra spice to the tadka so I don’t have to share my Dal fry with the cannnot-handle-mirchi A. 😷😱 😛

I hope you are not shocked or think any less of me. We are what we are, why be conscious of it? Go ahead and share your madness with me. Would love to know! ☺


Things on our minds

A is reading the newspaper and growses that Vijay Mallya and the related corrupt people are having the last laugh while we slog endlessly to make a living for ourselves.

A Jr is so overjoyed that Chris Gayle, the Six-machine, has touched the 10,000 run mark in his T20 career (and slightly apprehensive that he’ll break Sachin’s records soon) that he has forgotten its past 11 a.m and he hasn’t had breakfast yet.

Angel’s concerns are deeply limited in making sure that Mom’s old mobile phones or purses aren’t tossed away while she’s asleep. She’s holding them close to her chest even in bed now.

Me? I’m bothered about everything from Sonu Nigam’s tweets, making it to an event uneventfully (interesting word play? 🙂 ) on Saturday, what to make for lunch and which playschool to enroll Angel in. 

So many things to worry about in life…shouldn’t we just chuckle about them and have fun? 😂😂😂

What money cannot buy

While blindly running after materialistic things and achieving the luxuries and lifestyle that we’re told we should have, are we in some way undermining the importance of the priceless things that come to us for free? 

We cannot put a label on the joy of looking at the stars or being close to nature in any manner, laughing with our friends without a care, watching our kids smile only for us, being in the company of loved ones or simply being content with what and where we are.

Wealth is lot more than what reflects in our bank balance or we wouldn’t find street kids playing with broken bottles and barely surviving on unhygienic food lot happier than our blessed and fortunate ones.

Shouldn’t we all live by this quote and teach our children the same too?

Positive vibes :-)

There’s nothing special about today, nothing specific atleast. It is just another Monday morning, husband has left for work and the kids are still cozily sleeping in their beds.

Yet I feel a strange sense of calm today. Lot of relief can come easily to us if we stop comparing ourselves and our goals with others and don’t mind being completely vain about not ‘living up’ to our own great expectations.


I don’t know if you agree with this but it sure works in my case. Whenever I see a sunrise I’m filled with such positive anticipation that all dark feelings simply fade out in my heart and mind. There’s nothing more motivational than welcoming a new day.

Happy Monday and a Happy week everyone! ☺

P.S: I’m hooked to Instagram these days and post lots of pictures. You can also connect with me there if you like. My handle is varsha.bagadia. 🙂


Cranky, but helpful :-)

I saw her everyday

Her usual fiery self

A command here

A reprimand there

I knew she meant well

But was rough, alright

Her words carved in stone

For everyone in sight

Living next door to us

Alone, most of the day

Made her seek my help

In more than one way

She called at odd hours

For the smallest things

Flipping channels on her tv

Or placing calls till it rings

It bothered me sometimes

And even made me cranky

Did I really have to do it

She was just another Aunty

Then one day, by mistake

She locked herself out of home

Terrified, she banged at my door

Blabbering, if I could come

Her expression was alarming

And I joined her at once

She had summoned someone

But was in a kind of trance

Her eyes had welled up

She hadn’t eaten till then

My offers to wait in our home

Were waived off and forgotten

Someone came with the keys

She heaved a sigh of relief

She took a sip of water, finally

But her anxiety still left a whiff

Thanking me profusely

She entered her home again

And I was left wondering

Being patient with people, isn’t at all vain

To blog or not to blog

A Jr’s vacations will start in a couple of days and since we aren’t going anywhere before picking up his results this month-end, I and he were exploring options on what he/we can do this time round that will both be fun and (although slightly boring) useful.

Swimming classes have long been on the agenda and hopefully will materialise now. If only A Jr didn’t catch a cold at the drop of a hat this would’ve happened sooner. A friend of mine is conducting activity classes like Madhubani painting on cups, warli painted lamps, pottery, etc. I wish he would take this, but patience for only one class and preference to swimming cannot be won over. Sigh!

Anyway, the interesting thing is that my boy has developed a liking for writing. Big time. It is only limited to essays in English and Hindi as of now, but the fact that the ‘My Documents’ folder on my laptop has many Word files created and saved by him (some without my knowledge) is a clear indication that with a little encouragement he could do better.

The idea sounded exciting at first and it was me who suggested him to start a blog of his own, but his first question “Who will read it, Mamma? How will I get followers?” itself, stumped me. Did I pass this I-have-so-and-so-many-followers bug to him subconsciously? Should I have been more careful about discussing it while he was around?

As nicely as I could, I told him that we have to write because we like and enjoy it. Who reads it shouldn’t be a concern, or atleast not unless we have to please or cater to someone else due to work commitments. While I fervently hoped in my heart that my almost 9yo wouldn’t jump to other social media just as yet, he seemed rather content with getting limited readership with his own proud mother for now. ☺

I’m excited to see how he transforms his imagination into words and how the lovely stories he makes up often unravel slowly in front of him and give him the immense joy of creating something precious.

Who will do it?

This cat possibly isn’t the awesomely lazy and supremely cute Garfield but it sure makes the same case. Doesn’t it? 😉

This is a reminder to all the constantly busy souls in the world that they need to take a pause and just be for a while. There’s some fun in nothingness too. ☺