Being there for someone

Have you ever been in a position where you are privy to someone’s dark and murky secrets, don’t feel any need to be the moral police, and what more, end up abetting/supporting some of the misplaced incidents because you hold that person very close and dear to your heart?

I consider myself accepting of others’ desires and am also ready to identify with their weaknesses towards them, much as most of us are capable of being weak about. Afterall, we are all free to make our choices and mistakes, if any.

Sometimes though, despite my blind allegience to people I love, my inner self pesters me about the unnecessary risk I’m putting myself at. Shall I take the higher ground and bow out, shall I confess it to someone or shall I simply beg to be left out of it?

These questions come and go and I carry on with the job at hand. Being there for someone, completely, without judging. Just, for the sake of it. That’s what friends do, right? 


15 thoughts on “Being there for someone

    1. Yes, no questions asked. Just being there. That’d what friends do. So much for these lovely souls.

      Thanks, Prakash. I had a feeling if you read this you would say the same thing. ☺

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      1. Wow! That is uncanny, isn’t it? I was talking to her in the morning and this post suddenly formed itself. I was hoping, ‘Please dear, don’t do it.’ and said, ‘Yes, if you’re happy about it, just go ahead.’ Instead.

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  1. yes thats what friends do…… but friends also help friends restrain away from such acts and bring them back to right path….. the past is past…… forget and forgive it……. the present and future should not gt affected with it….. life goes on and on and on…… cheers…

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    1. As friends we can offer all the help, guide and restrain too. Yet, if they chopsr to go ahead to go with their feelings, we have to stand with them to hold them if they fall.

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