Forever hope

Your face, your eyes

Your voice, your smile

Your scent, your touch

Your heart, your desire

Your love, your passion

Everything belongs to me, and I wish it stays mine forever! ❤


Checking for notifications, again?

Not too long ago, after publishing a blog post or uploading certain new pictures on Facebook or Instagram I would be a bundle of nerves. Before the watch on my phone announced that a minute had gone by, I had probably checked for any new notifications on the updates I had put up more than ten times. Let five minutes pass uneventfully and the phone’s network and data connection went through severe scrutiny or the phone itself went through the Restart castigation repeatedly.

I’m no psychologist, but it needs no expert to conclude that these abnormal signs were that of serious anxiety disorder. With everything from music, news, games and a zillion useful or redundant apps handy to us on our cell phones, it is easy to fall in the trap of outnumbering, outdoing or outmanoeuvring others as well as ourselves on the ever-increasing number of social media platforms that can help us gain followers and in effect popularity and monetary benefits.

The need to be relevant, sadly, has no end. There’s no fixed number where our aspirations allow us to take a moment off and simply enjoy being where we are. What we do have within our control (difficult though, as it would be for some) is our ability to shut ourselves from this virtual maze of existence and live in the real world and get real experiences. No simulations, please.

I would like to share few of the hacks I employed to keep my anxiety at bay. If they are able to cater to you in any way, I would be glad.

  • Sharing is an option, it isn’t compulsory. You created a recipe that was awesome to taste and look at, bought something new or witnessed a gorgeous sunrise and felt the instant need to share it with your online friends. If you have to, take a moment to ponder whether a few minutes’, hours’ or a day delay would make any difference? Why not bask in the experience?
  • Switch off or put your phone on flight mode at night. Honestly, I can afford to do this since in case of any emergency A’s phone is always available. As soon as I hit the bed at night I switch my phone to flight mode, allowing it to show me the time and chime the alarm and yet not make me reach for any hopeful notifications in my groggy state (Yes, it interferes with my sleep too).
  • Remind yourself how interesting you are. One tap on the keyboard or your phone screen and there’s a whole world out there to keep you company, figuratively. You can chat or talk with anyone you want, anytime. I strongly believe though, that ‘alone’ time isn’t overrated. Whether we are actually doing something or not, our mind is always at work. Why not give ourselves a genuine reason to appreciate and like our own selves?
  • Numbers don’t signify your worth. Our best work sometimes doesn’t get the desired eyeballs or feedback, and it’s alright. After putting a post out, it assumes its own life. We cannot let a less-read post or a dwindled readership reflect badly on our own self-worth. Try all we can, but we cannot ever let it sway our opinion about ourselves.

Does any of this ring true with you? Would love to know your thoughts on this!

Moments that make my heart melt #MagicofWarmth

“Come on baby, its time for maalish!”

These words are enough to get my little devil drop anything she has her mind, hands and wicked thoughts focussed on and come running straight into my arms with a big smile pasted on her face from ear to ear.

She loves massages, and frankly, which two year old doesn’t? Climbing up and down the bed fifty times a day, managing to get your clothes dirty every hour, hiding Mom’s belongings in the most inaccessible corners of the house or finding a new book to tear pages from every single day, isn’t a cakewalk. After all, creating and executing such vividly imaginative pranks can be quite stressful for these little darlings.

It hence comes as no surprise that her massage time is the most fun time in our household. I didn’t hire any masseuse for my children and looked forward to forging a bond with them during this daily ritual by pampering them first with massage techniques I learned from traditional masseuses and then letting them play in warm water while I worked up lather on them during baths.

My little experience made me wary of the slightest mistake I could make and hence during A Jr’s toddler years this was a relatively quieter experience. It helped that he was a non-fussy child who wouldn’t throw a fit at every small thing. Angel though, is made from a different mould and has her own set of rules that we’re bound to understand and follow.

Ever since she was an infant, A Jr would tiptoe around us and hand me everything I needed for Angel’s massage. I might forget a thing or two, but he always knew what I needed. Like a doting elder brother he would advise me to go slow and keep the pressure right or she would get hurt. While I gave her bath, he selected her clothes and neatly arranged her lotion, cream and powder next to them.

The one thing that always made my heart melt was the silent understanding that had formed between these siblings. A Jr wouldn’t keep his mouth shut even for a moment, relentlessly lecturing Angel about always listening to her elders (him included), coming first in her class like him or being a good girl and never keeping secrets from us. Angel listened intently and let him know it was all registered by placing her huhs and hmms appropriately.

Amused, I observed this heart-warming spectacle everyday, not bothered in the least about being almost non-existent to both of them. That was but a glimpse of the unmistakable camaraderie they share now. They scuffle, they irritate and shout at each other, but one hint of anyone else stepping on their right to torment the other one and they team up, hug and kiss each other in a jiffy!

The funny thing is that their Papa enjoys this maalish thing too. Together, the kids oil his hair with his favourite Parachute coconut oil and as per their interpretation of the term; they pamper/torture the poor guy. Me, I simply love to see my darlings having a good time together!

“I’m blogging about my #MagicOfWarmth moment at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed Hot Oil


Security and warmth

My darling babies,

As I write this, you are both snuggled up with each other and fast asleep. This is how you’ve learned to sleep nowadays. Although Angel has changing preferences in respect of choosing which member of our family gets to put her to sleep everyday, of late she has almost entirely become partial towards her big brother.

The routine is the same. Mamaji got separate Chhota Bheem and Angry Birds quilts for both of you, but I guess it is more fun to wrestle over Chhota Bheem since both of you hold one corner of the quilt and don’t let go. Me and Papa turn a blind eye to this because we know that soon enough you call it a truce and realise that sharing it is a less-violent option. 🙂

I keep teasing that Angel is the cute girl that I wished A Jr was as a child, and it’s true. You two look starkly similar, and good. A Jr is over the moon when I dress Angel up in any of his carefully preserved outfits, while Angel is a girl and well, always happy to be wearing something new. 😀

She is more than two years old now and during this time the way your relationship has grown is both awesome and envious. From the little toy that she was as an infant she has now become a person for you that you love, protect, care for, get worked up with and even get jealous about.

For her, you are her playtime-buddy and partner in crime, who can fetch the cookie jar, chocolates or her favourite chivda whenever she wants. You are her entire world right now. As parents we look after her, but it is you she seeks out for fun. She’s a faded reflection of her boisterous self when you go out and lightens up the moment she sees you! 🙂 🙂

You two scuffle for a single piece of chocolate like Tom and Jerry (which by the way, you simply love watching together!), but let any of us reprimand any one of you for anything and you immediately gang up on us! :-/ 😛 Angel cannot tolerate tears in her brother’s eyes and will go and cajole him, hug him and kiss him and wipe them away with her tiny hands, while A Jr will cradle her in his arms tenderly when we refuse her anything she’s too small or naïve for and creates a ruckus about.

Seeing you together makes my heart swell with pride, and why shouldn’t it? Being a mother of two such beautiful, adorable and affectionate kids is any woman’s dream. The bond between you two is amazing and I hope it only strengthens and grows with time. Papa (who doesn’t have a sister) looks at you two with palpable awe and mush, and probably secretly misses this feeling.

By the way, I want you to remember this. Mom doesn’t like sweets much, but A Jr is her rasgulla and Angel is her rasmalai (which she eats off their cheeks everyday) 😛 , always. 🙂

Love you two, my darlings.

Hugs and kisses,



Like the lighting and the exposure need to be just right for the perfect shot, we must make sure that our thoughts and beliefs are just right to live our lives fully.  

By exposing our vulnerabilities we open ourselves to hurt, but by showing tenderness and compassion we can be the dependable spouse, friend, son, daughter, parent or be perfect in any other relation we are a part of. 

All that matters is how well we understand and dedicate ourselves to them.


Can you claim that you can survive in isolation with the presence or absence of someone or anyone making the least difference to you owing to your disparities or disagreements with them? You can’t. Neither can I. Human beings aren’t structured to function that way. We crave companionship and need to know that we are loved and cared for.

We might like it or not, but our personalities and nature are a true culmination of everyone around us. Don’t agree? Think about it. You feel inclined to be as good a mother to your kids as your mother was to you, you try to be half as good a baker as your cousin is, you try to express yourself through your craft like your friend does with hers or someone as irrelevant as your watchman teaches you that families are important and being away from them can be punishing.

Somewhere down the line, on a subconscious level we imbibe certain traits like these from the people we come across and that makes us the complete package we are today. The good or the bad, it is upon us to filter or absorb what is appropriate and suits us well. The lives that touch us or the ones we leave an imprint upon are all a part of the process of learning, growing and exploring.

Looking back

How many of you have a habit of keeping old happy mails or chats saved on your phone or computer just so you can go back someday , revisit them and, if only for a brief moment, let them envelope you with their familiarity and warmth?

I have a habit of keeping lots of them, even if it is something as simple as  ‘Thank you, dear’ or ‘I was just remembering you!’. Knowing that someone thinks of me and holds me dear instantly brings a smile on my face and lightens up the darkest day. ☺

After all, more than what people should do for us, what they already have done for us matters more. They might not be the same caring people today, but the fact that they were at some point in our lives should be worth keeping some fond memories of them. Isn’t it?

Shine like the sun

You might feel bogged down by the endless trials and tribulations you have to face in life. You feel drawn in that bottomless pit of despair and gloom. You struggle to stay afloat but the current is too strong and seems to gobble up all your efforts and tries to break your resolve. So what?

If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun.
~ A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Without the sprinkling of failure, would success really taste just as good? So, someone’s love didn’t sweep you off your feet today or your well-laid plans went horribly wrong. Tomorrow is a new day. Rise and shine, again!

Run for a cause

If someone tells you that for your own safety you need to look on both sides of the road while crossing it, no matter how earnestly the person puts it, you will meekly smile and reply that you’re aware of it. Won’t you? After all, the repercussions of being reckless on the road are quite apparent. Any mishap can lead you risk being rendered handicapped for life, or worse, lose your precious life to it.

However, when someone advises that you need to walk, run, exercise, eat healthy or meditate for your own benefit; do you take it just as seriously? Probably not. Of course, like everyone else, you yearn to have the perfect body, but do you go the whole length to make drastic changes in your lifestyle and approach for it? Bad health has its consequences too, but unfortunately they take too long to show themselves and a lot of damage is done till then. Ignorance, in this case, isn’t bliss.

To get people having the intent but lacking the drive to get started, there are a lot of activities that take place in and around Mumbai every year. Come January, you can spot fitness enthusiasts pull up their socks and sweat it out in gyms, parks, homes or roads to gear up for participating in the many marathons that are organised not only to reinstate the importance of health and fitness in our minds and lives but also to support causes that deserve our time and attention.

Sanpada Marathon, which is organised every year and is very well participated in, is all set for its installment this year. With visually challenged and cancer patients comprising few of the participants, one cannot conjure up any excuses to miss the opportunity to be a part of it. Added to that, you can learn and groove to the newest dance form in town, Bokwa, from the best certified international trainers.

What are you waiting for? Running for a cause makes it all the more tempting, doesn’t it? You can get marathon information and registration details on the website