Good Morninggg everyone!

I woke up to the miracle of today slightly late, but for some reason I can’t comprehend, I’m in high spirits!

Even something as mundane as waking up next to your better half of more than ten years or being the first one to cuddle the two most beautiful and priceless gifts ever, makes me feel blessed and leaves my heart full of gratitude.

For a woman, wife and mother there is nothing more rewarding than keeping her family happy, healthy and well fed. So, here’s the fulfilling breakfast for a blissful indulgent morning! 🙂


Alu parathas, anyone? 🙂

Special love and a warm invite for all my lovely blogger friends to join us in! Stay happy and blessed all of you! ❤


29 thoughts on “Good Morninggg everyone!

  1. The food looks delicious and I am sure its yummy too, haha. We used to have this breakfast once in a month usually Sundays but on a regular basis sprouts and salads rule upon our breakfast table, haha 😂😂

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    1. Haha…hmm…it was delicious indeed. Salads and sprouts rule our breakfast for max one day…then the boys complain of being treated like sick people. 😂
      Usually we have poha, dosa, upma etc. Alu parathas were like a brunch item. 😊😉

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      1. Lovely. Mom rules the kitchen as well as our hearts so as her food rules our breakfast table, no offense. She generally tries something new with these salads, sprouts and grill sandwiches are also our guests sometimes, haha. But I think we all have lovely time at the breakfast table so as hopefully you also have! 💕

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      2. Sure we do. Moms have to strike the balance between slipping in veggies everyone turn their noses for as well as pamper pampering with sweets and other delicacies. 😊


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