Misunderstood #NaBloPoMo day 29


How much more literal can an accommodating, understanding and innocent lady be? Yet we’re accused of expecting men to read our minds. The world is so unfair to us! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰


18 thoughts on “Misunderstood #NaBloPoMo day 29

      1. This has been my home for ten years now, well there are the dust storms, searing heat and humidity that is part of living in a desert but it is amazing how a desert has been made into a country so livable, more than just livable with all amenities, not to mention the diverse cultural diversity in its population that is extremely tolerant and amiable. We get to celebrate Diwali as much as we celebrate Eid Al Adha!

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      2. Ten years is a long time! I totally agree about the cultural diversity. It creates a very warm and respectful atmosphere when people from different backgrounds and walks of life come together ans celebrate festivals together. Yay for that! 😊

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