The tiny narcissist #NaBloPoMo day 22

You’re going about your ordinary life- saving for your annual trip to someplace nice, planning to buy goodies that will make you and your family happy, investing in that beautiful luxurious bungalow/apartment where you can spend your retirement in peace or going for that dreaded jog every morning to keep your weight and health in check.

That is, pretty much the same thing you did last year or the year before that. This is your life as you know it, and despite the mundaneness of it all, you’re happy with it.

Then one day, a tiny extraordinary being, one of the many millions of its kind, decides to break out of this predictability. The narcissist that it is, it starts to expand its boundaries by casting a spell on anyone who as much as comes close to it. Before you know it, there’s a whole bunch of narcissist beings spreading their tentacles all over and clutching and crushing everything that comes in their way.

A cancer starts taking shape inside you. The beginning of the end. Not always, but a lot of times.

Today, I lost a dear cousin of mine to it. While his hapless family and tongue-tied doctors looked on wretchedly, he smilingly fought with all his might till the moment those unsparing creatures made it deep into his lungs and robbed the breath out of his life. All the agonizing treatment he went through suddenly became moot.

He was in early forties, the youngest in his family, followed a healthy lifestyle, had no addiction whatsoever and was an assiduous self-made man. Did he deserve to go away so early? Does death have no regard for our plans and responsibilities? Will his wife and kids ever manage to get over this loss?

In a way, I’m jealous of him. He got to meet Mom today. I wonder if he saw Mom during his final moments.

Did she tell him that she had been waiting for him upstairs since a while?

Did she guide him through the journey to make it less scary?

Did she tell him not to look down on his way up or the tears of his loved ones would make the ride seem longer and painful?

Did she tell him where and how to find her?

Is she having the last laugh, now that she has someone fun to be with and doesn’t have to put up with her mom-in-laws the whole time?


28 thoughts on “The tiny narcissist #NaBloPoMo day 22

      1. Take care of yourself Harsh. This time is crucial for you. Eat well. Sleep well. Blog, whenever time permits. ☺
        I think she thought A made me cry. She was looking at him.

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      2. Haha, sorry…
        She might be thinking ‘Dont you dare hurt my mom, Dad.’ she is too young to know these things maybe…
        You too Di, eat well… tc of yourself. Well Sir will do that for you, and Angel and a jr of course…
        😊 Good night.

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  1. Oh no

    Take care.. I am so sorry to hear this.. I really do not know what to say.. not the age . God can be unkind sometimes.. please extend my condolences..

    I don’t know what to do if I was near I could have come over to just listen to you
    . Sorry I am so far away can’t help in that took..

    Take care

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    1. God was certainly unkind in this case Bikram. He was such a cheerful person.
      Its alright that you can’t listen to me from so far away. Your gesture and words mean a lot. Thanks Bikram.


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