One line story #3


She knew she was inflicting pain upon herself, but detaching herself from him wasn’t in her control either.


27 thoughts on “One line story #3

      1. Mornings actually work for me. Kids are still asleep, so no rush. When I have to do yoga, skipping or floor exercises I involve them. 😊
        Mood is better. How did you make that out?

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      2. With such a strong telepathy I wonder how much excess info you must be receiving. πŸ˜›
        I will wish her. Thanks! Planning to do a post for it but words seem to be unjustified. We had a party with my in-laws…complete with a cake kids and balloons… few days ago. Today it is just us. Dinner will be planned keeping her choices in mind. 😊

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      3. You are seriously fun(oxymoron?)! 😊
        Puma runs too…but will take it slow. Let the lazy bones and stiff muscles get used to daily walking as of now. Then will alternate between the two.


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