Confessions of a toddler #6 #NaBloPoMo day 30


I understand people have many strange names for it…

..for me it is just a convenient portable mirror to revere myself! 😉

~ Confession of a self-loving toddler


Help Unblock #NaBloPoMo day 28

I would feel so much better and glamourous if I could categorise this as a writer’s block, but wretched as this sounds, it isn’t.

I love to write and blogging has been a priceless exhilarating release for me. The fact that there are so many kind people in this blogosphere who take out their valuable time and read, like and comment on my blog truly makes my heart feel warm.

Lately though, I’ve somehow found myself struggling to even put a legible sentence together. It is not like there are so many things to write that picking and choosing is becoming a task for me, it is more like, do I really want to take the effort?

For a frequent blogger like me this is a sad place to be indeed. I wonder if my keyboard is silently crying for being given a cold shoulder of late. Unfinished posts in the draft folder or even pending mails those need to be reverted to, I just can’t seem to jot down anything.

I realise that the hamper in my focus can be attributed to the many unsavoury events that have been occurring in my life in quick succession. Isn’t functioning unperturbed despite all the disruptions around us is what we call discipline though?

I’m assuming that by talking this out with you I’ve already taken the first step towards getting over it. What can I do? Can anyone offer any helpful suggestions?

Satiation #NaBloPoMo day 24

My heart and soul (and stomach) are so full and satiated right now that I could just surrender myself into the arms of that gorgeous elusive (and devilishly enticing) boyfriend I call sleep. ❤


Just so you know (and hate me for it 😛 ), this was dinner. Homemade Cheese Crust Margherita Pizza and Corn Rice.

Got to wrap it up before I crash on my laptop in my inebriated grogginess. Ciao!

The first ever Triathlon in Mumbai!

For the past few years Mumbai has become synonymous with fitness. Whether it is participating in thousands in various marathons, being an active part of cycling, running or any such sports activity groups or subscribing to the best available gyms in the city, Mumbaiites have shown remarkable inclination and zeal towards achieving and maintaining good health.

Keeping this in mind and aiming at testing the focus and determination of these fitness enthusiasts further, ClassHopr Wellness Private Limited and Hindustan Times organised the first ever Triathlon event in the city at Nirmal Sports City, Thane.

The triathlon consisted of a mix of three different events – swimming, cycling and long-distance running. The participants could choose from any one of the three categories – Sprint Pro, Dream Sprint and Relay sprint. This was undoubtedly a test of the limits they could push themselves to while maintaining their mental focus and physical stamina.

Participants from all age-groups took part in the event. As they crossed the finishing line their exhausted bodies quickly made way for a broad well-deserved smile. After the customary photographs they could directly join in the rhythmic yoga session to stretch their aching muscles and relax.

Along with the triathlon loads of other activities like hula hoop, trampoline, badminton, mini golf etc could be played by one and all in a sports arena that had been created in one corner. The place was brimming with activity.


Balloon art installation

As soon as the stage came alive with the Zumba instructors grooving to the tune of the latest Bollywood hits, the area was suddenly full of a spirited crowd of good as well as wannabe dancers. Some mothers carrying their babies in their kangaroo bags too couldn’t keep off it!



The Devils Angels Riders Club made a super appearance there with their machines deafeningly roaring away.


Some taekwando students performed signature stunts for everyone and basked themselves in all the praise they got.


Several brands catering to health and fitness needs like sports gear, protein drinks, aerated water, etc had their booths there to provide information to anyone interested.

All in all, it was a good experience and I was glad to be a part of it. Although it was a first-of-its-kind event, I sincerely hope that taking cue from it more such events are organised across Mumbai.

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Sharing #NaBloPoMo day 23

I pinged R, my friend, in the morning today.

Me: Hey R, you have that beautiful meditation music right? Can you please send me that audio? The one I have isn’t half as good.

R: I have it, but why don’t you go get it on Youtube? Look for water meditation.

Me: Ok, thanks.

That was all. I wondered right then if I made a mistake in asking her for it or she made a mistake in telling me where to look because Youtube probably doesn’t have mp3 music.

There would probably be many such tracks out there. How will I know which one it is exactly? Wasn’t it simple enough to send me the track instead? How long does it take?

What I requested her to share with me wasn’t anything personal, was it? I won’t hold it against her, but someone just lost respect in my eyes.

The tiny narcissist #NaBloPoMo day 22

You’re going about your ordinary life- saving for your annual trip to someplace nice, planning to buy goodies that will make you and your family happy, investing in that beautiful luxurious bungalow/apartment where you can spend your retirement in peace or going for that dreaded jog every morning to keep your weight and health in check.

That is, pretty much the same thing you did last year or the year before that. This is your life as you know it, and despite the mundaneness of it all, you’re happy with it.

Then one day, a tiny extraordinary being, one of the many millions of its kind, decides to break out of this predictability. The narcissist that it is, it starts to expand its boundaries by casting a spell on anyone who as much as comes close to it. Before you know it, there’s a whole bunch of narcissist beings spreading their tentacles all over and clutching and crushing everything that comes in their way.

A cancer starts taking shape inside you. The beginning of the end. Not always, but a lot of times.

Today, I lost a dear cousin of mine to it. While his hapless family and tongue-tied doctors looked on wretchedly, he smilingly fought with all his might till the moment those unsparing creatures made it deep into his lungs and robbed the breath out of his life. All the agonizing treatment he went through suddenly became moot.

He was in early forties, the youngest in his family, followed a healthy lifestyle, had no addiction whatsoever and was an assiduous self-made man. Did he deserve to go away so early? Does death have no regard for our plans and responsibilities? Will his wife and kids ever manage to get over this loss?

In a way, I’m jealous of him. He got to meet Mom today. I wonder if he saw Mom during his final moments.

Did she tell him that she had been waiting for him upstairs since a while?

Did she guide him through the journey to make it less scary?

Did she tell him not to look down on his way up or the tears of his loved ones would make the ride seem longer and painful?

Did she tell him where and how to find her?

Is she having the last laugh, now that she has someone fun to be with and doesn’t have to put up with her mom-in-laws the whole time?