One line story #2


He had saved to get his broken spectacles replaced, but the blurred sight of his daughter in her new fairy dress was priceless.


50 thoughts on “One line story #2

      1. They can and they should, but it has to be done in a way that it doesn’t make kids feel guilty for it. We do it out of love and they should know what love asks for.

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      1. this is not fair…… what you enjoy change with times…. when we were young and restless we enjoyed different things….. when we have kids we enjoy them…… life is like that it gives us different kinds of experiences to cherish when we are old and alone….. enjoy every moment of life…. cheers…..

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    1. Fathers pretend to be strong but I feel they are more emotional than mothers. They just never express themselves well. They don’t or they can’t, is a question.
      Thanks Bikram. I loved writing it. 😊


      1. I think it’s all this manly image that one is brought up with. All my life ihve heard.. Men Don’t cry.. Men are strong. Men this men that blah blah..
        It is made out for men to be heartless it seems..

        I on the other hand am very emotional ..

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      2. I have been fortunate to see guys… their most emotional phase and I can say that they are emotionally more vulnerable than women. They don’t move on like we do.
        Men are supposed to be strong coz they have to look after their families I guess. Not fair to them.


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