Atlas, Apples and a Fast

“I learnt a new game” was the first thing A Jr came to me with in the morning. Without waiting for me to open my eyes or respond, he continued, “It is called Atlas. I will give names of places and you will continue it further by taking the last word from the place I mentioned. Now let’s start.”

I was still deep in slumber and had yet to gulp down my customary morning drink (lemon juice+honey+warm water) to pull me out of it, but I played along anyway until A woke up and was forcefully obliged to take the baton from me. It was funny and endearing when A got bored of winning hands down, while A Jr graciously accepted his defeat.

Angel is down with minor cough and cold and caused a mini riot in the household with her outbursts on A Jr. She refused to eat anything since she woke up and took A completely by surprise when she suddenly started bawling that she wants Apple! 😁

I kept reminding everyone that I have a Navratri fast and if they don’t behave I will boycott the kitchen for this duration. They won’t have any choice but to join me. The unequivocal warning seems to be working as of now, although I’m not sure for how long they’ll heed me. :-/

The first day brings in the most hunger pangs and for a while this post made me forget them. Don’t take me wrong, my resolve is undeterred. It feels good to share it though. ☺

Meanwhile I got this image in a forward. Isn’t it cute? I showed it to A and he waived it off without any reaction as if it had no value whatsoever. Hmpf! 😐



37 thoughts on “Atlas, Apples and a Fast

  1. Hope your warning last long…
    I hope Angel is better now…
    I remember playing the Atlas and when we got bored of the countries name me and my friends changed the rule and turned it into a Bollywood Atlas with the names of Bollywood movies… Haha 😂😂 (I know it’s wasn’t funny… 😯)

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    1. It won’t last, I know. 😡😛
      This whole weather change is getting too much. I hope she gets better too. Its a bit worrisome.
      Oh yes…we played all sorts…places…hindi movie names…etc. It was funny, why not?? 😂😄😄

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  2. That’s a new game I guess cos I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it, though it seems interesting the way you explained it. I love that quote to never stop dating your wife. Never stop flirting with your husband. Whats the best thing one can do than that.:)

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    1. It isn’t a new game as such…we played it as kids too. It is encouraged as a memory and a general knowledge development game…to learn names of cities ans countries.
      I loved the quote too! The best thing in any marriage is possibly the palyfulness that comes with wooing each other constantly. 😊

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  3. Its good that the quote uses the word “your” else people would have misinterpreted 😊😊
    Fasting esp during these nine days is always a great experience. we couldnt do it this time though…
    weather changes does make kids very vulnerable to infections… we are.watching ms dhoni now in theatre 😊

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    1. Hahaha…misinterpretation to ab bhi hoga. If peoplw choose to take it differently. 😉😂
      This is my third time. Started it on a whim and then continued. Only I do it in our home. Yes, its a good experience.
      I gave her medicines…lets hope it doesn’t escalate. I avoid hospitals as much as possible.
      You read and commented on my blog while watching the movie! I take it as a compliment. 😊😊😊 How’s the movie?


      1. Let people interpret whatever gives them happiness 😊.
        Its good you are fasting and i am sure after nine days we are going to see a different Varsha 😊.
        If Angel”s situation does not improve by morning do consult a doc…
        We loved the movie…not as intense as sultan music or emotionwise but still very good. Do watch it 😊
        About compliment, you may definetely consider it as compliment and may also compliment me for being generous in complimenting beautiful wives irrespective of whose wife they are!!😊😊

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      2. I think this fast is one of the very few things that I do even after so much opposition from everyone. 😁 A disapproves it big time and says its unhealthy since I’m only on milk and fruits the whole time and there are two kids to run after. 😆
        She seems a bit better now, will wait till tomorrow morning. Lets see.
        We shelved our plans today…or we’d probably be watching it in different places on the same time! 😀 Soon. 😊
        Hahaha…being generous with compliments is good for your health and can you more friends…anyone’s wives or husbands for that matter. 😉😉😂


      3. There is a ayurvedic medicine called septalin. All members of family incl kids can take it daily as a routine. we started it only some time back. It improves immunity against routine infections like cold etc.

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