Riot of colours

V made a special appearance of sorts

I flashed itself in all the right places

B rejoiced at being the centre of attention

G showed up and left, without much fracas

Y smiled and glowed in its golden glory

O lodged itself amidst the lovely sunset hues

R loved and made us love it, all over again.

P joined in quietly and added to their beauty

A shade when alone, a painting when together

The rainbow colours and more, then made up our Rangoli! ☺


Diwali Smiles

​She: Can you help me clip my toenails?  I’m not able to get them. My back hurts.

Me: Sure.

I’m at it (not reluctantly, promise!) and halfway through a bulb goes off in my head somewhere.

Me: The parlour lady is coming home today for my facial right? Why don’t you get a pedicure too? 

She: You think I need it? Let it be, why the unnecessary expense?

Me: What expense? It is slightly chilly now. Your feet will get moisturised too.

She: Ok, if you say so. Call her and ask her to get the pedicure kit too.

…and this is how, ladies and gentlemen, you make your mother-in-law happy! 🙂 🙂

Nothing much I know, but it is small things like this that gel people and relations. A little consideration is all it takes to help bridge the gap between them.

On a different note, here’s wishing all my friends, readers and well-wishers a happy and safe Diwali and a prosperous New Year! May this festival light and shine your hearts and lives, this year and forever! ☺👌💥💐🎉

Banned from living


They tied me down with different names

And used my body to ravage and lure

They snatched my life away from me

And on ‘those’ days called me impure

They banned my right to make a choice

And curbed my spirit with some new excuse

They put me on a pedestal and prayed to me

In their hearts, did they know it was a ruse?

What a transformation!


He wasn’t the legendary casanova I knew in college. He smiled clandestinely and didn’t take his eyes off his wife approaching us.

“What brought about this transformation?” I couldn’t help asking.

“A hard-drive, phone chats, voice calls, an extended work-trip gone wrong and an angry colleague anxious to get back at me.” he answered dispassionately.

Commitment to your child


Days spent vastly in anticipation, and a slight dread

Looking at the word ‘leisure’ longingly from a distance

Eating habits shift from binging to conscious nutritive intake

Running for the general knowledge book to brush up for later

Pleasantly surprised to find that you still love singing rhymes

The ‘right’ you ignored before becomes a norm to follow

Merging a play date with an afternoon with friends isn’t optional

Preferences change from me or us to him/her or them overnight

Enter into it with a blank slate, barrage of advice, but learn on the job

Falter, bear, devour and cherish, all with a glint of a smile. 🙂

Parenting never came easy to anyone. Did it? 

Nothing artificial about it! 

On our trip to the supermarket yesterday I got a big loaf of cheese garlic bread. I had to use it up today itself for fear of it going bad and there was also some leftover food that needed to be done away with.

After some nerve-twisting in my brain I came up with a brilliant idea to kill two birds with one stone. Sometimes I feel like patting myself for my sheer originality. Nothing artificial about it. 😛

There wasn’t much glamour involved.I used up yesterday’s khichdi, added boiled potato, rajma, besan, some green chillies, salt and homemade garam masala to it and made small patties out of it. Shallow fried, so less oil.

Then I cut down the bread in a conveniently eatable size, sliced it half-way through the middle and layered it with butter, onions, tomatoes, patty, mayo, chilli sauce, tomato sauce, parsley and chilli flakes. This is how it looked!

Doesn’t this look like my rendition of Subway? 😀

I wouldn’t risk calling this a challenge, but if we push ourselves and our creativity enough, what emerges out of the self brain-storming can be extremely gratifying. What say? 🙂

Happy Streets

Waking up early on a Sunday morning and participating in such an interesting event is always fun!

Having taken part in its edition last year, I was looking forward to Happy Streets this year as well. Senior citizens, youngsters as well as children have something or the other here that caters to them. The energy is contagious! 🙂

I will let the images do the talking for me. ☺

Zumba is always a big draw!

Diya making for Diwali

Along with this there was a Yoga Arena, meditation area and playing area for kids to do roller-blading and play badminton, football,etc. Rent free cycles were available for cycle enthusiasts. 

Apart from this there was the usual walking and jogging crowd. People who didn’t do the Zumba dance cheered on from the roadsides. The cool morning breeze and the fact that there’s a lake and garden adjoining was the cherry on the cake. 😉

Me and my friend went a little overboard with our clicking, but can’t help it. 😛 Do participate if you can in such events. They allow you to relax and rejuvenate at once.