The Knowledge Concept

Does being knowledgeable about something make us narcissistic and unmindful of others’ opinions?

Doesn’t not welcoming or accepting someone else’s better judgement make us appear conceited?

Is being well-read and/or well-informed a plausible excuse to thwart peoples’ beliefs?

Everyone’s need and inclination is different. Is imposing our views on anyone correct?

Is theoretical knowledge enough to make anyone worldly-wise?



62 thoughts on “The Knowledge Concept

  1. Knowledge is a less understood word…. one knowledge comes from education that we get…. this type of knowledge is questionable but found every where today…. I remember few lines which tell the reality:

    “I was born Intelligent, but Education ruined me”……

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    1. Exactly. One can choose to believe that he has learned a great deal by acquiring a certain qualification, but the truth remains that books cannot teach us everything.
      Don’t we need to give credit to people who are well-versed without so-called elitist education?

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  2. varsh…perspectives vary from people to people…and it takes time, to understand this fact, i.e. there is not a single”right” in a case..the directions of “right” may be varying.. once we are able to understand this, we start respecting others view also….
    i can say proudly that i gained this insight from this blogosphere…

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    1. Yes. Two different perspectives about the same thing can also be right. How many people are prepared to accept it though? A scholar will always assume he knows better than a common man even if the common man’s belief or perspective is well-backed and well-informed.

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    1. Right, Rekha. Although it is mostly the supposedly learned literary people who have most confined theories and approaches.
      Knowledge is vast and everywhere. Even a child sometimes can teach us things we don’t know about. It is all about being humble enough to accept that we can’t be all-knowing.

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  3. School gives us the tag of being educated. Learning and knowledge is a life long process be it from children, experiences, travel or anything for that matter. Actually a common man may have more knowledge than a graduate from one of the most reputed educational institute.

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    1. The sad part is that we depend more or less on these tags to decide who is more knowledgeable. There are lots of things that can teach us things no book ever can. Life lies outside those pages!

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  4. No .. I think more than knowledge one needs to have common sense..

    And those who have common sense can learn a lot in life from the experiences. ..

    Books are written by someone .. who may not have common sense..

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