Thoughts on a Saturday

For the longest time I believed that forming rules and biding by them would bring some semblance of order in my life. Isn’t it easy? There’s some predicament I find myself in, I dig into my little bag of should-dos and save myself an eternity of pondering and undesirable decision-making. ☺

The tricky part is that determining an order isn’t simple though, is it? Even nature doesn’t believe in it. Imagine, the slightest change in the set of DNA in your chromosomes, and you become an entirely different person. Better or worse possibly, but a different one nevertheless. It isn’t the same thing!

Why then do we still let rules chalk out the way we are supposed to lead our lives? Why don’t we let ourselves indulge in things that are important to us? That extra slice of pizza, that glass of margherita, that reading-so-much-that-I-forget-the-world, that taking off somewhere with my backpack, that dancing like crazy in the rain, that talking to someone beyond a care, so on and so forth. ☺☺☺

They sound so tempting, how can we ever think of ‘why not’? Why take the sidewalk when we have the whole wide road to tread on and explore? ☺


22 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Saturday

    1. That’s true. Same here with me. That’s why I try and go out with my friends guilt-free after making sure my kids will be fine.
      It gets a bit tough, but it is important. Don’t you think?

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      1. Hmm. For me it helps that my kids aren’t grown up so their schedule isn’t much of a hindrance for me. I regret having to stop my gym though. I made up for it by workin out at home, but I miss it.

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  1. On my earlier post (which got deleted mysteriously so reposted today) you commented about being selfish vs doing something as duty…Isnt duty important ? How can one be selfish when there is chance of collateral damage as in innocent lives getting affected for no fault ? who will carry that guilt ?


    1. Duty is important, yes. What I meant is that we need to find a balance where the duty doesn’t make our life miserable and the selfishness doesn’t start affecting anyone. Say, taking an hour out of a day for yourself to go out for a walk isn’t too much but can work wonders for you. Some days the balance can be 60-40, some days when you feel terribly messed up or upset it can be 80-20. You have to find that for yourself.
      Btw, what is with the deletion of your posts?

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      1. yeah you are right. I try to keep a morning hour entirely to myself and i enjoy it a lot 😊. True ,balance is very important to maintain individuality and sanity as well. I believe health is one area one needs to give top priority…when no one stands with you its our good health that will come to our rescue…Its another mattet our home envirinment and inter personal relationships at home too play some role in our health but still physical work out even if just some jumping shumping etc should be regular 😊

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      2. June to August are birthdays and anniversary months for us. Normally I’m very regular with workouts but during this time I let go. Walks are also avoided due to rains (although I like them, practicality rules!). I’m back to my routine now and I can vouch that it might be strenous but is very good for mental peace and general good mood. Health is indeed crucial.

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      3. Ha ha ha. No!!! Fortunately A is there that time. But you see, if I get sick I don’t get a holiday or a warm meal ready for me. I still have to cater to the kids all day. They can get infected due to me too. It happened once and was nothing less than a nightmare.
        So, I avoid. 😊


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