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Make your heart beat right!

Her smile and energy were infectious. She had an insatiable appetite for life. She could go to great lengths to turn the tide in her favour and always achieved whatever she wanted, anyhow. Such was her charm that one chat with her and she could get an admirer for life! She justified and lived the word ‘cheerful’ in every way. She was my mother.

One would assume that such a positive and happy soul would have a healthy heart too, right? So did us. For someone like her who had battled diabetes for almost 20 long years, eating healthy and staying fit came naturally. She had amazing control over her temptations and never missed her hour-long evening walk.

It hence came as a rude shock to us when following sudden palpitation and restlessness she had to be admitted to the hospital. After a series of tests we were informed that her heart wasn’t doing all that well and only after an angiography could the severity of the matter be ascertained. What followed after that was more tests and more rounds of the hospital. Long story short, she had to undergo an angioplasty and within six months, a bypass surgery.

Up until then, the concept of being heart-healthy had never crossed our minds. It was all about getting to the ideal weight and working hard to maintain the magic figure on the weighing scale. We ate in moderation, avoided high calorie and junk food and never skipped our daily workout regimen. Yet, was there something we had turned a blind eye to?

Looking back at it now, I seem to have the answer. It takes the combined effect of a sedentary lifestyle, a stressed professional or personal life, the not heeding the subtle signs of our body, the baseless belief that ‘nothing can happen to me’ or sometimes, simply taking our health for granted, that can give even the best of us those fancy-sounding but certainly undesirable heart problems.

It is amazing how the simplest changes in our lifestyle can work wonders for our health. Here are my tips for the #ChhoteKadam you can easily take to make living a healthy, fit and happy experience.

  • Staying fit

If a free morning walk seems like a deterrent for your sleep, enrol yourself in a gym nearby. Hopefully, the hefty membership fees will be enough motivation! 🙂 Breathing exercises don’t just improve the oxygen supply in your blood; they also help in bringing about positivity in you. They hardly take time and can be done anytime, anywhere. Meditation is good for stress-removal and should be made a practice for heart-health.

  • Eating better

You can begin with something simple, but very significant, like choosing the right oil for cooking. Try opting for fresh fruits or juices instead of packaged ones. It will also be helpful if you can identify good and bad carbohydrates and plan your meals accordingly. Medicines or supplements, if any, must be taken only after consulting a certified practitioner.

  • Being happy

Work drains the energy out of you while family time infuses it back. Try not to be on call 24*7 for work and spend as much time as possible with your loved ones. Engage in activities that cater to your creative needs. There’s nothing more fun than ditching being matured all the time. Laugh your heart out. Goof up. Be a child. 😀

There isn’t any particular age when we need to start looking after ourselves. Start today. Life can throw any surprises at us, and being prepared for it is the least we can do! Isn’t it?

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

This one’s for you, my baby :-)

Considering the fact that I’ve written post after post about every small thing A Jr did as a child, it surprises me as to how and why I’m at such a loss of words when it comes to Angel. Whenever I try to jot down anything, I feel like I haven’t done any justice to her and eventually it all gets dumped in the bin.

What should I write about anyway?

Her mischievous eyes that gleam merrily after she has broken/thrown/hidden/taken something, and which can make us want to spank and adore her both at once?

Her absolutely disarming smile which can make a blind man beg for the gift of sight, just to get one good look at her?

Her making a puppy face and/or shrieking vigorously (depending on how long we take to comply) when she wants something?

Her tantrums, ranging from throwing anything within an arm’s reach to standing quietly and looking down wretchedly while waiting for us to pick her up, when we refuse her anything?

The list never ends, and am I glad it doesn’t! Life would be boring without these everyday sprinkles, isn’t it? Just like anything sweet has to be balanced with spice, a sweet boy like A Jr needs the company of a naughty girl like Angel to make us all-rounder parents! 😉

Here’s a small anecdote I want Angel to read and laugh about when she’s all grown up and wants something to cheer her up. 😀

Just like A Jr, Angel too has a habit of sitting with me or A for the daily puja at home. It is one of the best times of the day for us, since the younger one makes the elder one drop anything he’s doing, with lightning emergency, and join us for the puja. She cannot utter any shlokas yet, but gives us company with her aaaaas and hhmmms throughout! 🙂

Also, wherever there’s an idol, Jai Jai as she calls it, she has to bow down to it and pray. Interestingly, the Ganpati songs in the last few days and Visarjan telecasts on television didn’t allow my poor baby to stand straight most of the time. Funny as it may sound; I had to switch it off because this girl wouldn’t give up even after she kept falling down. 😦

Today, she saw Ganesha’s photo in A Jr’s book and bowed down as always. What more, she made A Jr do the same! The poor boy protested, but reluctantly agreed. This bowing down, by the way, means bending down and touching your forehead on the floor every time. What is it, commitment, patience, persistence, discipline or her faith that influences her, I sometimes wonder!

I have a mother’s heart, but it is A who is the tender one amongst both of us. The way he looks at Angel and talks to her lovingly is so unbelievably innocent and affectionate that I feel like swapping places with her sometimes. 😛

Three smitten people who love you to death; Angel, you’re one lucky girl! 🙂 🙂

God bless you, my sweetheart!

Love Tamasha

I watched Tamasha the other day on television and could finally (and gladly) let go of the regret of not catching its show in a nearby multiplex. I love the way Imtiaz Ali delves into the complexities of human nature and creates imperfect yet perfectly identifiable and lovable characters. Tamasha though, seemed a little far-fetched to me.

Ranbir Kapoor’s Ved had his own demons and challenges to face, but what struck me as odd was Deepika Padukone’s Tara. The Corsica setting, the closeness and the uninhibited candour were indeed the right ingredients for sparks to fly and fill her star-lit eyes with dreams of again accidentally running into the one person she felt deeply connected with.

While Ved reciprocates her feelings, the stark difference between the footloose and supremely confident on-vacation Ved and the almost non-existent sycophant she comes across in real life startles her. Yet, the charmed lady carries on with the relationship until she’s forced to break the this-isn’t-you news to him when he’s about to propose to her.

She’s heartbroken, in a dilemma, but still very much in love with him. When he calls her back after a few days she apologises to him (for telling the truth!) for touching a raw chord somewhere inside him. The insufferable guy however, rebukes her and simply takes off to demonstrate his mental instability in a series of disturbing events later at work and home.

But, like in any love story all’s well in the end since he has his Eureka! moment of illumination, finally realises how right she had been all the way and comes back to her. What does she do? She takes him back, because she loves him and cannot live without him. How simple, sweet and convenient!

What point is there to prove here? Does it mean that being in love silently implies that we’re bound to accept any kind of nonsense that’s thrown at us? Does being madly in love make us lose our self-respect? If this is the victory of love, then I’m obliged to ask if Ved would’ve done the same if Tara had gone nuts for some reason.

The Green Spice Shock

With teary eyes, you battle the smouldering sensation everywhere it has touched you. You guzzle gallons of liquids to curb it but it doesn’t seem to help. You silently wish to skip the rest of the meal and proceed directly to dessert, but something inside you eggs you to bravely go on.

This is the effect this awesome-looking and superb-tasting devil can have on you! Salads, pickles, chutneys, papads etc are the most commonly known accompaniments in the Indian cuisine. Any Maharashtrian though will swear by the staple Thecha which finds a place of honour in every family’s meal.

Spicy green chillies and garlic being the main ingredients, one can imagine just how hot this dish can be! Since both me and A love it and gobble it up without any restraint, instead of following the original method I balance out the spiciness slightly.

My recipe: Grind green chillies, garlic, coriander leaves, some groundnuts and salt. Heat some oil in a pan and add cumin seeds. After they splutter add the green chillies mixture and sauté for some time. Voila! Your thecha is ready!

An unsuspecting innocent tongue can put you in a state of panic, so better keep loads of candy handy if you are a novice daring to try this out. The ones who’ve had it and like it, come over, I have enough for all of us.

Understanding people

It is difficult to place your finger at the exact point where ‘sharing your concerns’ with someone starts getting perceived as ‘whining’. Sure, all of us crave to have a patient ear to listen to matters that are close to our heart and deeply impact our lives. Does that person really feel, understand or consider them worthy though?

More often than not, although not ill-advised, such bonds generally leave people with a bitter after-taste. How advisable or not is it then to confide in someone seemingly considerate and generous in the initial stages?

The Knowledge Concept

Does being knowledgeable about something make us narcissistic and unmindful of others’ opinions?

Doesn’t not welcoming or accepting someone else’s better judgement make us appear conceited?

Is being well-read and/or well-informed a plausible excuse to thwart peoples’ beliefs?

Everyone’s need and inclination is different. Is imposing our views on anyone correct?

Is theoretical knowledge enough to make anyone worldly-wise?


Silent Banter

“Open your eyes, I’m here.” It whispered.

“It was a long night. I missed you.” It murmured, still groggy from sleep.

“You know you need the rest, my dear.”

“Yes, but I’m famished without you.”

… and they went on with their everyday banter.

For others, there was serene silence and just another day had begun.