The Ghost

Are you afraid of ghosts? I am. 

Not the dead eerie ones that hide behind white sheets and make us run helter-skelter for cover. They are poor dissatisfied souls that don’t like people trespassing into their domain.

I’m scared of the ghosts that live within us and rule our minds and hearts. The ones that don’t let us get past them without tearing every bit of us into pieces.

These ghosts thrive on our fear and insecurities. They make us feel some kind of fake comfort with the memories that aren’t good for us.

The best thing is to not give them access to our world. Let them take off somewhere else, far far away.


57 thoughts on “The Ghost

  1. The funny thing about these ghosts is that the mote you try to fight them the more powerful they become…just like baali in Ramayana…they should be respected and very subtly allowed to fade away..

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      1. Not yey varsha. will try on PC in office tommorow else will again stary from scratch..
        Lost all followers!! tum toh ek follower badha do kam se kam 😊😊

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      2. I still don’t know how you chose to delete your posts! Getting traffic is one thing, writing is another. I wrote when my blog didn’t get even a single view many times.

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      3. I know it was plain stupidity…An implusive decision…and was trying to run away from a situation rather than facing it..But learnt the lessons well …one must face situation boldly than run away…..will atleast write a post on this experience.😊😊

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      4. yes i was really happy with whatever i could get back 😊😊did not know my posts were so close to me ☺


      1. So the ghost should remain, let it sit at the table, let it rest in the bed near us, let it tell us stories in the dark. I think it hurts and disturbs if we make a place for it. So. I’d rather let it go.

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      2. No, that’s not what I meant. Letting go is indeed the best way. If the ghost is persistent, then we can just let it be around but not pay heed to it. It will go on its own accord. That’s what I meant.

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      3. ahhh. Then I am in need of a blindfold so I cannot see it. And must somehow fashion a shield for my heart…yet I don’t want to be blind, don’t wish to be hardened.

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      4. It takes time. I am not rushing it. I think the ghosts must remain for a bit to speak to me, to teach me something, to remind me where I was and where I will not return. Ghosts are perhaps our conscience. There is a place for them, but it is not at the head of the table.

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      5. Wow…you summarised it beautifully. That’s exactly what I was trying to convey. They serve a purpose, of teaching us, givig us time and understanding, and making us realise that they aren’t a reality anymore.
        I have many such ghosts, but am at peace with them now. They don’t trouble me.

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      6. Thank you for writing with me. Your ghosts have been kind to you. I’m going to invite them over to spend a little time teaching mine how to whisper instead of rattle. Cheers- Ret

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      7. It was nice talking to you. Few people understand these ghosts, and fewer talk about them. I hope yours are kind to you. Will ask mine to have some kind of telepathic communication with them.
        Cheers! ☺

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    1. There are so many ways….reading..writing….music… even a good long walk 😊 if only we want to rid ourselves of them. The more attention they get, the more stubborn they get.
      Thanks Shefali. ☺

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      1. Yes. Many times we say we want to, but deep down inside we’re still yearning for what it reminds us, even if it is painful.
        I have myself gone through this transformation, that’s why I know. It can be done. We only need to want it and try it.

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      2. I relate to what you say, the chains of the past cannot be so easily cut, the desire to be there and longing of it doesn’t go that easily…. It takes ample of will power to permanently make peace with the ghost and come to a point where we need no distraction.

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      3. How true. Often we secretly enjoy that longing, and that’s alright I think. The problem arises when we let it mess with our present. That isn’t healthy or advisable. Imagine letting the ghost advice us on matters it is at loggerheads with! We’re doomed then.

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