Different Sides

I love my freedom. I’m not essentially the fiercely independent type though who wouldn’t compromise on my dreams for the sake of my family. 

Some call it lack of ambition, some call it waste of education, while others feel sorry for me for the choices I made. All I do in return is give them a smile for their concern and move on.

What people get to see is only a small part of the story anyway. A lot goes behind making a decision and that’s where the real you is at work and reflects truly.


Accidental Spies

The housing society I currently live in has ten buildings which are placed fairly close to each other. There’s one bang opposite of ours, and in effect there’s also another apartment right in front of ours.

I don’t know much, but from what I see from our balcony (not deliberately) I know that it is occupied by a Gujrati family and the couple has a teenage daughter. The daughter seems quiet and keeps to herself but the couple is quite ‘open’, sometimes to our discomfort.

Uncle seems to have a nothing-can-bind-me rule since I have never seen him wearing anything stomach-up. In contrast, Aunty emerges victorious in giving serious competition to her daughter in dolling up since she wears Minnie and singlet strap half-length gowns throughout the day.

Aunty also seems to have an assorted collection of lingerie (colours and designs) which she doesn’t mind displaying on the ropes on which their clothes are put out to dry in the balcony. 

A and I have had many fun discussions about it, with him suggesting me to get one of those gowns too. I ended up jokingly accusing him of trying to swing both ways due to the way he looks at both of them 😂 and not me. 😒😠😠

Whenever I’m in the balcony now, I try not to look and avoid any kind of eye-contact with them to give them some discretion and privacy. Angel, being what she is, stands on her chair and calls out for Uncle and waves at him. 😂

One thing we forget though. What we can see they can see too, right? One day after A was back from work and I was making dinner, suddenly all mushed up and seemingly doing the ground work for something else later 😉 he did something cute with me in the kitchen. 😍😍

Next moment, he saw Aunty looking at us from across her kitchen window. 😂😂 Embarrassed and conscious of being caught staring at us, she immediately looked away. 😜😜

A blushed a beetroot red and made a hasty retreat from there. I couldn’t help looking over the window and smiling away to myself wondering what she must be thinking about us. 😄

None of us were looking out for it, but we turned accidental spies for each other. Neither of us had this vice. Some things just happen. We can’t help them. Guess these are the unexpected thrills that make for fun moments in life. 😆

What does your Hi mean

The other day a friend pinged me and I replied with a ‘Hi’ without giving it a second thought.

His next line: What’s wrong with you?

Me: Huh? Nothing. Why?

He: Chal na. Tell me what happened.

Me: Arre! Why do you feel something’s wrong?

He: You said Hi. Nothing else. No emojis. Its weird. Even for you.

Me: Come on. That doesn’t mean anything.

He: Ok, fine. My phone isn’t charged. I’m logging off. Talk to you later.

Me: No wait. We have to talk.

He: *sarcastically* Oh, we do? What a surprise!

Then I proceeded to tell him what was on my mind. 

Although I loved the fact that he expertly understood the unspoken, I was amused that a mere greeting gave me away. 😬

Friends are the strangest and sweetest. Aren’t they? :):)

Friendship or Relationship

No two people in this world are alike and what they seek from any relationship also differs to a great extent. Some people want their relationships (romantic or otherwise) to be rewarding and enriching, while for some people warmth, comfort and acceptance are more important than anything else.

It isn’t difficult to comprehend that when two people representing the two sides of a coin come together, it can be a tad unsettling to ‘get’ each other easily. The intentions and efforts might be genuine, but how can anyone grasp something about someone that he isn’t equipped to process?

All of us want to be listened to and understood well. We need someone to share our murky secrets, embarrassing moments, killing heartaches and even our rankest achievements with, without being judged, ridiculed or pulled down. The thing at play here is plain compassion and understanding.

If there is someone who fits the bill, then is it acceptable to let go of the whole thing because that person happens to be of the opposite sex and it doesn’t go down well with others? Does any association between two people of the opposite sex essentially imply something is brewing or can potentially brew between them in future?

Attraction is one thing, empathy is another, and confusing between both of them is nothing short of a crime. Eyes don’t always say ‘come hither’ or a smile doesn’t always convey hidden messages. They don’t have to be cheat codes. One needs to step out of the age-old rut that ‘a guy and a girl can never be friends’. It’s downright stupid!

Err…its human! 

Is one instance or situation enough to give us the license to judge people?

Someone’s mistake can be someone’s blunder, yet, shouldn’t everyone be given a chance to have their own bitter-sweet experiences and learn from them?

People and relationships are bigger than ill-advised impetuous choices.

Each one of us deserves a chance at redemption.

Hi and Thanks ☺

Hi friends!

Have been experiencing some issues with the internet connection due to which I was away from my blog for a couple of days. It might persist, who knows.

When I did come online today I was happy, even humbled, to find that my blog wasn’t left alone. All you wonderful people kept it company by reading, liking and commenting on my posts. Thanks a ton! 😍

Meanwhile, those gravity-defying moves by Tiger Shroff in his new movie are all over the place. Personally, such kind of perfectly choreographed and synchronized dance steps are quite a put-off. Shammi Kapoor’s and more recently Ranveer Singh’s I-enjoy-dancing-why-don’t-you-join-in style of dancing is more my type. 🙂

Learning Never Stops

My inquisitive Dad asked me one day, “What is this Facebook thing?”

Knowing his paltry inclination towards technology and the idea of ‘keeping in touch’ with anyone through the internet quite indigestible and puzzling for him (He’s the old-school type; if you remember someone you just pick up the phone and call!), I explained it to him with as little fuss and as much clarity as possible.

Once updated, he wasn’t keen on opening a Facebook account, but I did manage to convince him to upgrade his old Nokia to a smartphone and get data connection on it. The clincher being pictures of A Jr and Angel that I promised to send them everyday, if they (He and Mom) got Whatsapp; which they did. Grandparents! 🙂 🙂 😍

The hands that taught me how to hold a pencil, scribble and pointed at words so I learned to read them are now struggling and succeeding in finding their way through the maze of apps on the phone. He’s used to taking pictures with his Kodak camera, but now as soon as he sees Angel he goes click-click on his phone and captures every single expression on her face like a professional.

In Mom’s absence he gets lonely at times, so he made my brother teach him how to handle a laptop since there’s a spare one kept at home. He grasped the operations quickly and has become quite a buff now. He uses it for office work, watching movies and sitcoms, or sometimes just to play games.

Me, I’m a bag of mixed emotions. On one side there’s A Jr – a curious child ready to learn and imbibe whatever piece of knowledge he comes across and on the other side there’s my Dad who has seen and known everything, yet ready to go the extra mile to keep himself abreast with the world of today. Its true. Learning never stops.

Have you seen Atariya?

It happened when I was travelling to Worli once. This wasn’t the first time I was on my own but being the protective husband that he is, A made me go over and over again about what mode of travel I will take to reach the destination.

It was a long journey, undoubtedly, and the last leg comprised of taking a taxi somewhere from Dockyard Road. I had to wait almost fifteen minutes in the sun before an aged-looking taxi driver showed some pity on me and agreed to ply.

From habit, I striked a conversation with the driver in no time. I’ve noticed that chatting up with auto/taxi drivers not only makes the journey pleasurable (unless ofcourse you have something important to do on the ride) but gives you a sense of security since the driver’s busy talking to you.

These people travel a lot and know a lot. If you genuinely ask for directions, chances are they’ll feel important and may go overboard with information. They’ll talk about anything and everything and act like some sort of Mumbai tour guide for you. It is fun to keep your phone aside for some time and chat with real people. 

Anyway, coming back to the driver I was talking about. After giving me updates about every area we crossed (which I could easily read on my own! 😆), he announced we were close to Worli and Atariya will show up soon.

Suddenly some (in)famous Hindi movie songs with the word Atariya started playing in my mind and I wondered if he was being cheesy with me. Strange, since till then he had called me Beta and expressed his happiness openly when I told him about A Jr and Angel.

Well, we did reach Atariya and when we did, I did everything in my might to not laugh out loud on his face! It was Atria Mall. 😂 His face still had the same innocent expression and he said ‘ispe bahot kharcha kiya hai’. He was right, so what if his dialect was different. ☺

When we reached our destination and I was getting down I truly thanked him for a wonderful ride and a refreshing talk. I wasn’t able to find change for two rupees which he said he’ll waive off, but I insisted and paid him. Good man. Good experience. ☺

Discussion or argument? #MondayMusings

I’ve often seen that while people feign they’re up for some healthy discussion regarding any matter, soon the whole exercise becomes futile by their sheer belligerence and unpreparedness to accept a point of view that doesn’t agree with theirs.

In no time, to keep up our side of the deal, we end up justifying ourselves to them when they aren’t willing to even hear us out. Aggression, a high pitched tone or not giving the other person a chance to speak doesn’t make anyone right. Does it?

I find this whole thing very draining. May be that’s why I never scored well in GDs too. I refused to scream and be dragged into ugly arguments by my team members when the topic was something else to begin with. For the same reason I’ve tried to keep my blog free of any ‘volatile’ stuff too.

To get answers and solutions we need to pay heed to every angle in a situation. Losing an argument is anytime a better option than being part of a long fruitless discussion.

What are your thoughts on this? 

Think before you speak! 

It is a lazy Sunday morning. The kids are still asleep. It is a little late for it now but since I and A have been brought up with the Hindi film songs with Rangoli on Sunday mornings tradition; we are making up for it with Hindi film songs on one of the many music channels.

The morning newspaper, piping hot cup of tea and a plateful of Marie biscuits and khakras for company, both of us allow ourselves some rare leisure time. This is something that hasn’t changed over the years. The intimate silence is engulfing. 😍

Just then, Shahrukh Khan sings Suraj hua maddham…chaand jalne laga to the lovely Kajol on television. Since it is a dear favourite of both of us, we instantly take our eyes off Mr. Urjit Patel and PV Sindhu in TOI and fix our eyes on the screen.

While I get lost in the lovely locales (I love pyramids!) and wonder why Shahrukh didn’t care for a vest in the sheer shirts yet again, A starts jabbering about how beautiful Kajol looks and how elegantly she carries herself in the song.

“Look at her face. Only her eyes and lips have been done up. Ofcourse, there’s the basic makeup, but she looks so much prettier. They ruined her entire beauty in Dilwale. She should be left just like this.” he goes on and on, in front of me, his wife! 😑😑

I keep my patience, but my gaze shifts quietly to A and switches to an intent sharp stare in no time. He doesn’t get the hint until I say it out loud. “You know quite a lot. Next time why don’t you do my lips and highlight my eyes when we go out or do I need more makeup? I didn’t know about this hidden talent in you!” 😈😠

With a toe-in-mouth expression and a sudden loss of words, A softens up and says with mock flattery, “You’re too beautiful without any makeup, darling! Haven’t I told you that before? Natural beauty beats everything else.” He fumbles and accidentally sips on hot tea from the cup. 😬😬

“I know, I’ve been told that many times. My friends even called me ‘our personal Kajol’ since they thought I looked like her. Even Dadiji said that to me when she saw Kuch Kuch Hota hai. Anyway, you look at the screen, ok?” is my final punch! 😜😋👸

If only husbands knew better than to get on the wrong foot with their wives they wouldn’t jeopardize their married lives so foolishly! 😂😂