Storming it out!

Come July, and it seems like people have weekends, or even days, marked on their calendars to brace themselves for this annual event that has achieved a ritualistic status now: Monsoon Sale!

I had heard stories about stampedes and scuffles taking place in stores to claim a certain product or simply to be the first one to make it through the gates. It amused and confused me no end. I always wondered if this was merely a publicity gimmick. Surely people aren’t so vain to actually get into fights for shopping?

As it turns out, I was wrong. People storming into stores aren’t just hearsay and I know this from personal experience. When normally overpriced merchandise becomes available at slashed rates and is stocked up well, it seems like a deal one would certainly not want to let go of.

Ironic as it might sound, I got lured into it once too. While I searched the whole place for the best deals, A followed a restless 3yo A Jr around, who insisted on doing some under the racks exploring himself. Unfortunately for A, A Jr got lost in the sea of people that only got multiplied with time.

I, in turn, got to know of this only when the front desk made an announcement about a missing child. A Jr was petrified and cried so frantically that he couldn’t say his name too. They only mentioned the clothes he was wearing. A livid A and me had to soften him up with an ice-cream and a big aeroplane balloon.

Now, one would think I was done with it, yes? For the uninitiated, here comes a resounding NO! If women are the cake, then shopping is the layer of cream in it and a Sale is the cherry on the cake! They are incomplete without each other. So, now I choose to go shopping solo or with my girl-gang.

By the way, did I mention, the storm is generally created by some disgruntled lady who didn’t get her favourite top, bag, necklace, shoes, or whatever? 😀 😛

Daily Post prompt: Storm


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