Caged freedom ~ WOW Prompt



This is my entry for Blogaddas WOW prompt ‘ It is too late now.’

Instead of writing a long post for it I’m attempting a 55-fiction piece this time.

“Should we have let it fly away?” The little boy asked.

“Yes, but you liked it.” His mother answered.

“Would it be happier with his friends in  the sky?” He prodded.

“Yes. Don’t we all want friends?” She replied.

“It is too late now.” He said sadly as he looked at the empty bird cage.

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Drama Queen

I often wonder at the ability of my mind to tenaciously find ways to keep it occupied, irrespective of how insanely minuscule and unimportant they might be. Just the other day I was thinking, “Is being dramatic a good thing or a bad thing?”

For a woman, drama is like breathing. By denying her this privilege you are in all probability taking away her reason for existence. Whether she is happy, sad, angry, jealous or possessive, it is her dramatic way of exhibiting the feeling that gives it the desired effect.:-D

I’m not saying men are wary of some drama. Try telling your father you flunked your exams, wear your brother’s favourite t-shirt without asking him or run the credit limit of your husband’s ‘borrowed’ credit card, and you will witness their best theatrics at play. 😛

Me, I am a complete performer. People around me are so used to my impulsive and overly expressive behaviour that if I stay normal, they feel more concerned.

May be it isn’t a bad thing after all. If a scene is a dish, then drama acts as the tangy spice that makes it savoury. A little bit of drama never hurt anyone, right? 🙂

Notes from my heart #CelebrateBlogfest

Reblogging an old post:

I had decided that I’ll wait until Valentine’s Day to post this, but as A says, why should the day or the occasion be any excuse or condition to express anything for each other? With all due respect to St.Valentine, the whole concept is a bit exaggerated. For love, lovers and expressions, there’s no ‘mahurat’ required. So any hopefuls who’re planning to woo their sweethearts with gifts, cards or flowers this V-day, why wait when you can do it rightaway? We girls love getting pampered anyday! 🙂

Here’s something very close to my heart….

It is so good to see we both know,
That we love each other more than we show.
Our love is boundless, needless to say,
There’s just no place for hate and refrain.

Your eyes and my eyes speak countless words,
Your looks more fatal than a thousand swords.
Your hands on my face and your hands in my hair,
Leave me with a feeling of just nothing to care.

This whole world seems to be confined up to you,
You and I only, is like a dream come true.
Whenever the world is giving a rough hand,
Your caressing arms are like an oasis in sand.

I’m taking up this chance today to tell my husband that I love him a lot. No amount of words can explain what I feel for him. Even when I’ve been irrational and foolishly demanding he’s been there for me, loved me and cared for me. I want him to know that no matter what future may hold for us, I’ll always be there with him and continue loving him like I have..always. I say this to him over and over, and I’m saying this again, ‘I Love You’!

Lets celebrate love for all that it means to us and let our special someone know that its because of them that the seconds in our life have become memorable moments that are going to be cherished forever.

Pirates in my home!

“Ok, so it’s decided. Both of us will be doctors. There’s only one doctor set so we’ll divide the items. It is mine so I get the stethoscope, ok. Don’t cry about it later. And also I’m the head doctor. T will be the nurse and reception aunty, but please let us not give her the laptop. She will destroy it and can’t even use it properly.” A Jr said.

While I was sitting on my bed surrounded by dangerous-looking voluminous books trying to grasp the complexities of Sales Tax and Accounts, there were some serious career decisions taking place in the next room. As I overheard A Jr and his friends elaborately plan their Doctor Act, I couldn’t help but get mesmerized with their beautiful thoughts and story formation.

Kids have the most vivid imagination. Whether it is about a bird that miraculously appeared and took off with their banana or a fantasy friend who borrowed their ball and never returned, they can cook up and dish out the most frivolous stories with conviction.

A Jr is one such kid. Ever since he saw the Colgate commercials with the sea animals box, he pestered me to get one for him. I had planned to surprise him with it, but before that I got the boxes delivered to me! I was quite excited to see what A Jr comes up with when he has a whole gang of sea creatures at his disposal.

Mind you, A Jr has his own rules. Any character or animal can be anything he wants. So, no matter what the names of the pirates were, he made them into A Jr and Angel. He was the daring one who handled the ship and the cannon, while Angel had the measly spyglass and was incharge of navigation. Their parrot, Popat, helped her.

A Jr’s sea world with his favourite Sea creatures book ☺

Armed with the treasure map and ready to strike fortune, the three of them left on a voyage that took them far inside the ocean. Angel is young and couldn’t read the map accurately, so by mistake she took them around a long route where they saw a sea castle and also landed on an island somehow. When he scolded her, she started crying and blamed Popat.

Angel being a girl, she was happy to be friends with a mermaid they found on the island. When A Jr was strolling on the beach he saw the fishes playing volley ball with the octopus in the water. All the fishes were on one side and hit the ball with their heads while the octopus deftly used his eight limbs.😅

Then Popat came flying to him and told him that he heard of a treasure hidden in a wrecked ship somewhere deep in the ocean. At once they set off and after a long time reached the ship, which had a shark swimming around it. He dived into the water fearlessly with a dagger, only to find that another pirate group had already stolen the treasure and left in a submarine! 😛 :-/ 😦

If your head is spinning right now, welcome to my world! 😀 😀 😀

Every invention was an imagination once. Give your child the freedom to think, grow and see the world the way he likes best and you’ll see his thoughts take flight and weave wonders.

College Love #CherishedBlogfest

Moments pass, but what stays behind with us is the feelings they bring with them. Just like we cannot keep sand from slipping away from our fingers, no matter how much we try, we cannot hit a pause button where we were swept off our feet or the time our heart wanted the moment to freeze.

Your mother’s expression when you showed her your first paycheck, the first piece of jewellery you bought for a special someone, that scarf your friend gifted you on your birthday, and many more such things are beautiful reminders of those endless memories that you would like to preserve forever, won’t you?

#CherishedBlogfest is a wonderful idea that allows you to not only go back and sift through the archives of your wardrobe, photo albums, gifts, cards or mind, but also lets you share those special moments and memories with your blog friends.

The first cherished memory that I would like to share is a picture of two of my most beloved rings that I bought when I was in junior college. Don’t ask or try to guess how long back it was, please? 😆;)


One of my friends was crazy about jewellery; the bold, manly type ones. She loved wearing metallic rings and bracelets. I wasn’t much of a jewellery fan, but one day I tagged along with her to the shop she bought this stuff from, since the place also sold birthday cards.

I chanced to glance upon a tray of ‘girlish rings’ my friend had discarded and my eyes fell upon these two gorgeous beauties. I didn’t think twice and happily paid twenty rupees for both of them. Since that day, every place I’ve been to for study or work, these rings have accompanied me.

I’ve worn them with every garment and they go with anything. They look used now but I can’t dream of doing away with them! Friends have come and gone but these two have been with me always. They’re special.


This morning I set out to do something and something else happened altogether. It’s interesting how the simplest things can make us think deep and hard about stuff that goes unnoticed otherwise. By the way, this post may seem a bit lame to you so if you’re looking for sensible writing, you can head elsewhere, just for now. Come down here later please, will you? 🙂

For starters, I prepared the batter for Rava Handwa (a Gujrati recipe which includes lots of veggies, dry spices and a generous sprinkling of sesame seeds and cumin seeds) last night to have for breakfast today. While preparing this morning, I started off with the Handwa but the end result turned out to be Rava Uttappa instead!😐

How, you would probably ask? You see, both of them have the same Rava base and vegetables. In this case, I added the vegetables in the batter itself without layering the top like it is usually done in the case of uttappas. So essentially, the name of the recipe was at my mercy. What tip it in the favour of uttappa then? Well, the sprinkling!

Without the yummy flavour of freshly baked/toasted sesame seeds and cumin seeds bursting in your mouth, you can assume you never had Handwa. Today, somehow, I cut out on the sprinkling and the result was that the recipe lost its meaning and name and became something different, even with the same ingredients.

Isn’t it essentially like us humans? All of us enter the world with the same set of organs, senses and capabilities. What sets one person apart from another is the sprinkling; like knowledge, intelligence, ambition, dreams, confidence, humanity, honesty, etc. It is the sprinkles that add that extra bit of flavour to our personality and lend us our individuality and uniqueness.☺☺

Does this make sense to you? What kind of sprinkles are you made of?

My Talented Baby ☺

Remember those science diagrams we had to make way back in school? Anyone who could get them to look even remotely close to the picture in the book felt like he deserved to be placed on a pedestal and demanded respect from other non-talented subjects.

Not brag-worthy, but I was always good at drawing. I once made a diagram of the human anatomy in fourth grade (if I’m not mistaken) and my teacher asked me to redraw it, since in her words “I traced it from the book!” I couldn’t make out if this was a compliment for me, but my friends sure thought it was funny.😬

Even in college I was arm-wriggled or emotionally blackmailed into being part of a virtual drawing co-operation movement for my friends who couldn’t get their lines and curves right. I didn’t mind it though. I loved to draw.☺

Cut to present, A Jr has to draw science diagrams for the first time in his small life, and boy, could he be more hassled! The mere idea of drawing makes him cringe and he comes up with the most frivolous excuses to put it off for later. At one time he even shed a few crocodile tears to make me feel awful for being adamant with him.

His case was simple; there were either straight lines or parabolas. The circles turned into ovals as and when it pleased him. In the same picture, lines took a break from being lines and became curves instead. The end result was unpalatable, to say the least! 😐

It took me more than a week to get him to draw a legible Photosynthesis and a Parts of the Plant diagram! Don’t judge me, but how can I accept it if the leaves are bigger than the fruits and the roots are so straight, they might’ve suffered an underground electric shock! The best part were the arrows; thick and distinct.

My poor baby, I felt bad for him. I had to console him by confessing that my chapattis resembled the world map when I started out (which they didn’t, for the record) but I tried and tried till I got better and ‘perfect’ like he calls me now. Persistence and perseverance are very important to be good at anything.

The point got through, thankfully. He made a decent drawing at last and I genuinely thanked my stars that at least a tiny part of him has taken something from the artist in me. I have to make peace with it though, in this matter he is his father’s son. Sigh!😭

55-Fiction ~ Crisis

“Why isn’t it possible, say again?” He asked.

“Told you, I can’t face anyone. Won’t leave the house for few months!” She cried.

“You won’t go back on your word, promise?” He chuckled.

“You think it’s funny? My beautician burnt my hair. I’m an ugly bird!” She howled.

A bizarre marital crisis, he never anticipated.

What does your dp say about you?

If you follow my blog regularly you might’ve noticed that my last few posts have been a little gloomy. I haven’t been myself of late. The tone of my blog has suddenly become morose and I’m not striking the right chord with my readers either. Well, we’re all human right? We have our good and bad days. Thanks for bearing with me. I really appreciate you sticking around.

One thing that I did notice during this phase, however, was how in-the-moment we’ve become. With technology on our side we can let the world know the state of our mind, without saying much. How? Display pictures, status messages and updates on social media ofcourse!

It so happened that I put up some weird ‘I’m Bored’ dp on my Whatsapp last week and also removed the status message. Now, I keep changing my dp often and usually put up personal pictures. There’s some quote or otherwise if I don’t feel good. The status message is a bit tricky; meaning that it stays or goes anytime.

Now, I was rather amused when my cousin mom-in-law saw it and messaged, not only to enquire what happened but also to insist me to change it! She said it unsettled her and she’d feel blessed if I did the needful! That was certainly unexpected and like a good daughter-in-law, I followed her advice.

I have to accept, her words perked me up and I smiled for the first time that day. I wasn’t venting out in any way, but knowing that someone understood and cared felt good.

What do you think your dp says about you? Do you change it often or use it to grab attention?

I’m not Elusive

We were best friends in school till her father got transferred to another city. We wrote letters to each other and kept in touch for a few months, but after a while our friendship fell prey to the distance between us and the need for increased focus on our academics. With time, we became a memory to each other.

Years later, thanks to Orkut, we reconnected. By now we had both become mothers and she had shifted somewhere in Europe for good. There was a lot of catching up to do and as she took minutes out of her work, we bonded again over long chats discussing parenting, exchanging pictures and seeking each other’s opinions on matters of importance.

Like most people settled abroad, she usually took an annual vacation to India for a month to visit her parents. Luckily, soon after we rekindled our friendship she came down for her trip. We planned, decided, and without a second thought I moved things around and even though it was almost 2 hours from my place, went to see her.

Meeting up with her and her family was great, as expected. It was like nothing had changed in all these years. We got nostalgic about school, our classmates and even our crushes from that time! A part of me even fell sorry for not trying harder earlier.

We never change for our friends, do we? Or at least we think so. The fact that someone actually took that extra mile to be with us is very reassuring. I hope she felt it that day. Because, sad as it may seem, it didn’t happen with me when she came down the next time.

A newborn Angel and still delicate in my post-natal stage, I was hoping she would come down to see me and the baby. She called few times, we made plans, and a couple of days before she was to fly she informed rather meekly in a message, “Your home’s too far away.” That was her entire excuse.

My heart sank and I, for once, didn’t mind A’s disapproval about making myself available to people whenever it pleased them. Friendship connects people, but only when the thread is held tightly from both sides. One slack end, and like a dry stray leaf it sways back and forth until it bites the dust.

This is the story of one particular person. Unfortunately, I have come across many such people with different stories, but the same ending. To save myself from unnecessary heartache I choose to cut all ties with them now. It is only fair, I think. May be not quid pro quo, but having some regard for someone is good manners.

So dear people, I’m not elusive, I’m just playing safe for my own sake.