A One Night Stand with the Ex

I was the one who had called time on our relationship some time back. It is not that it wasn’t working out for me. If anything, it gave me the kind of pleasure one only identifies with something purely selfless and extraordinary. It made me feel complete.

Why then did I do what I did? Well, I got restless. I felt that this association was weighing me down. It was making me miss out on some other, rather tempting, avenues and luxuries that I had begun to develop a keen liking for. There were lots of greener pastures to be explored and embedded in my life.

It hadn’t been easy for me, what with his home being just around the corner and the possibility of umpteen chance encounters looming large upon us. Every time I passed from there my olfactory senses picked up the same unmistakable smell that made me go weak in my knees. It took all my might to not reach out then and there. 😦

There’s just so much restraint one can practice though! I’m human after all. I should’ve seen, even expected, this coming. This time around when I was passing by his home last night, I got summoned yet again and dropping all guards I went in.

The Ex: *Sadly* Glad you came. I was beginning to think you’ve forgotten me. 😦

Me: *Covering up my pent-up feelings* It is not that. You know my reasons, don’t you?

The Ex: *Understandingly* Yes, I do. But just as a matter of conversation, we can meet once in a while right? We see each other all the time. Why fight it?

Me: *Fumbling* Um, yes. We do see each other, but I’m not sure it will be a good idea to go back to what we were before.

The Ex: *Cajoling* Ofcourse we can. If you want it too, we can work out an arrangement where I can fit in your life without disturbing anything. Are you worried about A’s reaction?

Me: *Thinking* No, I don’t think A will have any issues with you. He knows how fond I was of you. As far as reviving the old itch is concerned, I’m sure he knows that sometimes we need to surrender to our natural instincts and cravings.

The Ex: *Sarcastically* What are we waiting for then? You are here, I’m here. We can, you know! 😉

Me: *Shyly* Yes, I guess you’re right. We do have an opportunity right now, but I have to go home. My kids must be waiting for me.

The Ex: *Naughtily* In that case, we can just grab a quickie. What say? 😉

And then, overcome by lust and triggered by passion I submitted myself to the long impending, delicious and utterly satisfying experience.

The strictly-on-diet and no-fried-foods-and-sweets-please me, had a Samosa! 😀 😀


18 thoughts on “A One Night Stand with the Ex

    1. Haha…trust me…those were my exact sentiments when I was even eating it. This post had formed then and there. Someone who’s on diet like me almost the whole time can understand it I think. 😀

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