Car-crashing, Angel way

Angel is playing with A Jr’s Hot Wheels car and bike, one in each hand. Playing here implies banging them hard on any surface (window sill, floor, chair etc) where they will make noise. Need I mention that she is visibly pleased and her eyes twinkle like diamonds?

Surprisingly, A Jr isn’t bothered in the least with this brutal assault on his darlings. He smiles at her lovingly, then runs up to me and says, ” Mamma, did you see Angel is playing car-crashing with my Hot Wheels? She must’ve seen it somewhere. Where does she learn all this!?”.

My heart simply goes awww*(and I’m pleased too, but don’t show it). The bond forming and growing everyday is a pleasure to watch.

* If you know a better word, please feel free to fill me in.


The car and bike in question


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