Hanging on

How many of us can conclusively know the time a relationship has run its course? How many of us know exactly why and what has to be done to run a knife through an already punctured relation? How many of us can get a closure and move on without feeling sadness and remorse?

I don’t know about others but (call it my inability to deal with them or the hope to mend the unmendable) I’m incapable of doing all of these things easily. Ofcourse, there’s no pride in it for me. If anything, it makes me come off as someone who tries too hard but is destined to fall flat on her face everytime.

No, I’m not trying to play victim here. I gave these people place in my life and my heart. They didn’t force me to do it. If I made an error in judgement or misread someone’s behaviour and intentions it is purely my call. I should’ve been more careful.

This world is a mean place to be at times. Relationships come with an expiry date. As soon as you are done with your part you are shown the door. Priorities change. You slip from ‘the one’ to ‘someone’ more smoothly than you can like or imagine.

Being sensitive won’t take me anywhere. My feelings and tears aren’t for undeserving people. It is their loss if they lose me. For once I need to be strong and take a stand. I can’t be taken for a ride and then sweet-talked into forgiving.

It hurts now, but I know I won’t regret this in the time to come.


6 thoughts on “Hanging on

  1. Sensitive people suffer a lot in life….they find it difficult to be mean to someone while very painful for them to tackle others’ meanness esp done through words than deeds……

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