The Dark Silence

It is loud and deafening
It is intensely shrieking
It makes me wither in pain
It’s all thunder and no rain

It is a feeling of not being
The nothingness is scary, chilling
I see darkness with open eyes
My heartbeat is the only noise

Does an unborn feel the same
Or it thinks this is nature’s game
Dark clouds make way for the sun
Sounds of life, where there were none

To see and accept is to live
To wait for the sign God will give
Nothing is over till you are living
For every dark cloud has a silver lining


Native News

A: Did you see the news about A (his native) on the front page of the newspaper today?

Me: No. I did read the column about A (my native) though. I didn’t find A (his native) anywhere.

A: How could you have missed it? It was right there in bold letters!

Me: Na, didn’t see it. What was it about?

A: The rain situation ofcourse. It’s been raining heavily last 2 days. The effects of it and all that.

Me: Hmm. Same thing happening in A (my native) too.

A: Ya? Howcome I didn’t see any A(my native) reference anywhere?

Me: You didn’t see properly,ofcourse.

A: Oh ya? So did you!

Do you find this conversation amusing? If yes, why?

It is sweet that we could easily place the names of our natives but when it came to the spouses’, it simply didn’t register? 😐

It is a big deal for both of us that the names of our natives featured on the front page of a national daily? 😎

Already in our thirties, yet we bicker over such silly things? 😜

We’re cute? 😄

Car-crashing, Angel way

Angel is playing with A Jr’s Hot Wheels car and bike, one in each hand. Playing here implies banging them hard on any surface (window sill, floor, chair etc) where they will make noise. Need I mention that she is visibly pleased and her eyes twinkle like diamonds?

Surprisingly, A Jr isn’t bothered in the least with this brutal assault on his darlings. He smiles at her lovingly, then runs up to me and says, ” Mamma, did you see Angel is playing car-crashing with my Hot Wheels? She must’ve seen it somewhere. Where does she learn all this!?”.

My heart simply goes awww*(and I’m pleased too, but don’t show it). The bond forming and growing everyday is a pleasure to watch.

* If you know a better word, please feel free to fill me in.


The car and bike in question

What you need to be

Something every woman needs to believe and understand!


Say this to yourself and to anyone who tries to pull you down.

Your individuality, your quirks and your attitude is what makes you.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you ought or ought not to be.

It is better to love and please yourself more than others.

Be your own judge, and under no circumstances let anyone judge you!

Good times!

A quiet lunch date with family…intimate and affectionate…

Unhindered attention of your loved ones…

Pampering yourself with lovely pretty girly goodies…

Finally getting your hands on that printed (here, Warli print) dress you always wanted…

Ending the day with some quality time with your better half…

Life’s made of wonderful things!

Hanging on

How many of us can conclusively know the time a relationship has run its course? How many of us know exactly why and what has to be done to run a knife through an already punctured relation? How many of us can get a closure and move on without feeling sadness and remorse?

I don’t know about others but (call it my inability to deal with them or the hope to mend the unmendable) I’m incapable of doing all of these things easily. Ofcourse, there’s no pride in it for me. If anything, it makes me come off as someone who tries too hard but is destined to fall flat on her face everytime.

No, I’m not trying to play victim here. I gave these people place in my life and my heart. They didn’t force me to do it. If I made an error in judgement or misread someone’s behaviour and intentions it is purely my call. I should’ve been more careful.

This world is a mean place to be at times. Relationships come with an expiry date. As soon as you are done with your part you are shown the door. Priorities change. You slip from ‘the one’ to ‘someone’ more smoothly than you can like or imagine.

Being sensitive won’t take me anywhere. My feelings and tears aren’t for undeserving people. It is their loss if they lose me. For once I need to be strong and take a stand. I can’t be taken for a ride and then sweet-talked into forgiving.

It hurts now, but I know I won’t regret this in the time to come.