Me: (excitedly) Did you see the dress I finally bought?

A: (not interested) Yes.

Me: (expectantly) So, what do you think? It’s nice na?

A: (still not interested) Yes.

Me: (slightly dreamy) Oh I loved the colour. I’ve never worn this colour.

A: (unfazed) Hmm.

Me: (bit edgy now) What happened? Is it not good? Does it not suit me? Just tell me.

A: (without any expression) Yes it is good. It suits you. But why do you have to buy stuff like this?

Me: (frowning) What do you mean? Why didn’t you say anything when I selected it? Do you want me to return it?

A: (smiling gloriously) There there. Now this is your natural face. When you behave all good and sweet I feel like you’re not well.

Me: (very confused and irritated by now) Huh????


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