What the heart wants

Dil to pagal hai…dil deewana hai…

Dil deewana bin sajna ke maane na…

Ye mera dil yaar ka deewana…

Dil to hai dil…dil ka aitbaar kya kijiye..

Grown on the staple diet of these beautiful Hindi film songs, I considered being in love and the consequential numbing madness of the heart and silliness of the mind as a part of life. What more, I felt that I was missing out on something crucial by not experiencing all of this!

Love and matters of the heart were the most talked about topics amongst friends and cousins. So much so that many of us even remember the names of each other’s first crushes from way back in school! Everything was right as long as our heart agreed to it.

Anyway, with age comes maturity and with maturity comes acceptance. Not that I want to forget every little silly thing I did as a teenager, but now I have come to believe that not everything our heart wants can or should be achieved.

Our heart, I think, is one of the most important but most distracting and unapologetic part of our body. We even accept it wholeheartedly ( pun unintended) as perfectly normal. How many times have we seen people willingly do inappropriate things because they were ‘ listening to their heart’?

The heart wants what the heart wants, and convincing it to accept anything otherwise is quite difficult. But what does one do when the heart craves for something that isn’t meant to be or is a sure recipe for self-destruction?

I am someone who has let her heart rule her mind most of the time. My decisions are more emotional than practical and my actions are less thought over and more instinctive. This has resulted in me getting taken advantage of many times too.

And yet, I wear my heart on my sleeve. My mind doesn’t give me the I-told-you-so routine whenever my heart puts the rest of me in trouble. It helps it pick up the pieces and carry on.



Random questions

Few questions that make me wonder:

# To prove our feminism why do women need to boycott, take offence at or mock every single thing that we’ve been taught growing up? Shouldn’t feminism be about celebrating being a woman?

# Why do people try to make me feel that trading a career to stay at home for my kids makes me an overqualified housewife? Do we educate ourselves only to earn?

# When people cannot help in solving your problems, what job do they have in contributing more of them?

# When teachers today consider teaching as ‘ just another job’ how can we rely on them in helping raise a better generation for tomorrow?

# How can people willingly subject their relationships out for scrutiny on social media by sharing daringly personal moments and pictures?

# So, no one has the perfect partner. No one can, either. Do we really need to compare our lives with others? Why?

# Is voicing your opinion necessary everytime? Would it change anything?

# Almost everyone wants to imitate someone. Whatever happened to originality?