Make your own way

When was the last time you did something just for yourself? Last few days this question kept troubling me every now and then. Although things were going fine and life was relaxed and good, there was always something that told me that it was more for the sake of others than me. True, I’m studying and until my results come out there’s no way I can decide what to do next, but until then it doesn’t mean that I should simply forget that I exist!

So, to make the woman and person inside me feel happy and loved I did some small things for myself, which in reality go a long way. It is amazing how little things like these can make such a huge difference in our lives and are such confidence boosters! 🙂

I’d been lagging on my reading and am glad that I read almost 5 books in last 2 weeks and have few lined up too. Back to reading with a vengeance made me feel so enriched! 🙂

Although my husband keeps telling me that he loves me irrespective of anything, a long Facebook thread on anti-ageing creams and their effects inspired me to some take time out every day and pamper myself with some homemade besan pack for instant glow! 😉

I’d been battling with weight issues since a long time but last few months had been the worst. I’d piled on so much that I felt like I was wrapped in bubble wrap all the time! It wasn’t even funny anymore. And that’s why I did what I should’ve done long back. I joined Power Yoga last week. I’ve already done 50 power namaskars within small breaks and have run and exercised more than I did in a year! My muscles ache every day, but it feels awesome! 😀 😀

Last but not the least; although there are time constraints and responsibilities, I make sure that I take time out to write. This is like a therapy in itself! Creative work is immensely fulfilling. What more, when fellow bloggers like and appreciate my writing it makes my heart go…ummmmm! 🙂 😛

Ofcourse, there’s much more to life than all these things, but the way to self-happiness can be made and achieved only through our own will and actions. Often, we start putting others above ourselves and make us feel unloved and victimised, when it is all in our hands and attitude. Right? 🙂



4 thoughts on “Make your own way

    1. We’re always trying to be good wives and moms but there’s precious little we do for our happiness. This was my way to do that. Thanks Deboshree 🙂


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