55 Fiction prompt

Considering the many interesting writing skills naïve bloggers like me need to develop, Corinne and Vidya Sury have come up with this wonderful prompt called 55 Fiction.

Love is the genre that I’ve chosen to write on. So, here goes! 🙂

“Sorry dear, I’m late.” He said, kneeling down. No response.

“Don’t be upset, please. See I got you your favourite orchids.” Again, no response.

“Our relationship is only too precious to me. You know that, don’t you?”

Just then a gust of wind swept the flowers off the grave, and over his face. She knew.

Hope I’ve done it well! Writing with limited words is definitely not my forte…

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12 thoughts on “55 Fiction prompt

  1. Great job well done! 😀 I am usually pretty good at guessing the end….but didn’t see the grave coming! I hope you are now hooked to this writing form, Varsh! Thanks for the great response!


    1. Thanks Vidya! You made my day. Your tutorial was very comprehensive but I wasn’t sure if my post had all the right ingredients in it. 😛
      I’m hooked to it…totally…have a post ready…will put it up soon. 🙂


    1. Sometimes it is death that brings people closer, isn’t it? People don’t realise the worth of what they had only until it is lost…
      Thanks Kathy for your lovely comment. 🙂


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