Desperate times call for desperate measures

I’ve always been the friend that one goes to when he’s looking for a shoulder to cry on. I’ve been an agony aunt as well as a shrink to anyone who’s come to me with any kind of problem and have tried my best to be of help. I’ve relied only on reason and logic to make any kind of judgement, as required, and have been successful to a good extent.

Why, then, does it happen that I can see everything crystal clear only when I’m not the subject matter? When I have to take decisions regarding anything pertaining to me and my life why am I so confused? I try to introspect every now and then, why then cannot I be as rational and clear in my mind regarding myself, like I am about others?

I’d read somewhere: ‘Whenever you need a helping hand, you’ll always find one at the end of your right arm’. I took this thought rather seriously and even in the most trying times I tried to find support only within me. I knew that nothing but my own heart would show me the right way. And it did, mostly.

Unfortunately, I find that my mind and my heart are constantly at loggerheads with each other and both try to command me. The mind wants to focus while the heart wants to wander. The heart gives hope while the mind calls it silly and crushes it. The one thing, however, that both agree on is my dreams and ambition.

That is why I want to make sure that henceforth both of them work in tandem with each other. I admit things haven’t reached the farthest end as of now but I need to give myself some well needed and well meaning advice that would do me some good. Whenever I feel disoriented or let down I hope this list gives me the much needed morale boost.

  1. You have time, and you have the drive. Go ahead and do what you want to do. Believe in yourself.
  2. Be proud of the scars that have become a part of your existence. Not everyone gets them.
  3. Swimming against the tide is never easy, but you knew you could do it back then. You can do it now. Try.
  4. Little disappointments are lost in bigger celebrations only if you treat them as little and move on.
  5. Do it for yourself. There is no point that you have to prove to anyone.
  6. The ones who ridicule you are the ones who never made an attempt to go where you want to go.
  7. Don’t equate success with worth and ability. Remember this always!
  8. Observe closely what needs to be changed and worked on. This exercise will save you a lot of valuable time.
  9. Focus. Focus. Focus.
  10. Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re no superwoman. Don’t try to be one. Don’t regret making mistakes and try to learn from them.

Book Review :Love is Vodka…A Shot Ain’t Enough!


It is said that one should not judge a book from its cover. True. One more thing, though, that I’ve come to learn over time is that a book should also not be judged from its rather innovative or interesting title because there’s a chance that the imagination and creativity begin and end just there. This book, sadly, qualifies as one such attempt on some counts.

The story is about a young girl, Moon, who is a regular teenager. She’s moody, confused with her notions of love, rebellious for no reason and blames everything unpleasant in her life on destiny. She’s a love child and is very well provided for by both her parents. Her mother is a successful career woman and spends lot more time at work than Moon would like. Theirs is a tricky relationship where the crucial mother-daughter bond is seriously missing.

A summer job in an advertising agency, courtesy of her mother’s contacts, changes her life forever. She’s fortunate to get recognised soon enough amongst other competent people and contributes creatively through her writings, poetry, etc. However she realises that her calling lies elsewhere, when she’s asked to model for a contract that her firm is trying to land. The firm does get the contract, while Moon becomes the face of the brand and gains popularity overnight.

Though her professional life gives her many reasons to rejoice, her personal life is anything but. Although she has one boyfriend to fall back on, she’s always on the lookout for someone new and improved. She has no qualms on festering carnal desires for others while her boyfriend fumes and disagrees. She falls in love with her gay colleague and her boss (who’s also her mother’s boyfriend) while getting intimate with the latter, only to walk all over her mother’s pride.

In between heartbreaks, leaving her mother’s home and coming back and modelling assignments, she meets someone who changes her attitude towards life and teaches her the importance of the role that she can play in the society. He shows her the other side of life which isn’t glamorous like hers and is made up of real people and challenges.

To his credit, from his grip on Moon’s personality and her layered character one cannot easily guess that the author is a male. However, not everything seems in sync and in tandem with the storyline. Some twists only confuse and are unnecessary. Moon’s character walks a lonely path with no help from the supporting ones. Sympathizing with her is tough since most her problems are self-invited. Also, even when she’s sad and depressed, her character fails to evoke the same pain inside the reader.

To place vodka in the middle of all this is baffling to me! Two lovely intoxicants in the title, but the book fails to get you high. Teenagers will probably ‘dig it’.

I’ll give this book 2/5 stars.

Author:                      Amit Shankar
Publisher :                 Vitasta Publishing
Publication Year:      2013
Language:                  English
Binding:                      Paperback
Number of Pages:     212 Pages

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Only for the need to talk…this?

When are you planning to have your (apparently very necessary) second child?
Why’re you studying since you won’t be able to work after having the (currently non-existent) baby?
Why don’t your in-laws come and stay with you?
Who does puja at your place when you are menstruating?
You have a rented flat or your own?
How much rent you pay? Is it affordable?

These are just some of the many questions this lady (A Jr’s classmate’s Mom) bombarded me with when I ran into her while I was picking A Jr up from school the other day. I was so taken aback with her intrusive and daringly personal questions that I didn’t really answer her back, like I should have. But then, even if I did, I doubt she’d understand. I’m not saying that I have a league of my own, but this lady is what typical behenjis are made of. It is my sheer misfortune that I run into her quite often.

Why and how is this her concern anyway?
Why do women think they have the right to judge other women?
This lady isn’t even a graduate, and she’s asking a B.E, M.B.A and a future C.S the need to study?
She doesn’t even know how to get the homework of a Sr K.G boy done, and thinks I’m not paying enough attention to my son?

What rot! I don’t see any guys asking each other such life-altering and decisive questions just out of the blue! Women need to talk, fine, but just to fill in silences are these the right topics of conversation?
No one is entitled to give unsolicited and unwelcome advice after being told once! If there comes a next time, I don’t know what I’ll say to her, but whatever it is it won’t be anything kindly put.

My second 55 Fiction

Very inspired by the last 55 Fiction I did, here’s another one! (Yes, so soon ;)) This time I’ve chosen Humour as the genre. Enjoy. 😀

She registered the loud shrill sound and shot me a piercing disregarding look.
Unperturbed by the activity and commotion around her, she had silently marked her domain.
Underestimating her, I daringly ventured ahead and, although bewildered how, promptly landed head first on the footpath.
That, friends, is how I got flung by an enraged cow. 😛

Hahaha. 😀 😀

Make your own way

When was the last time you did something just for yourself? Last few days this question kept troubling me every now and then. Although things were going fine and life was relaxed and good, there was always something that told me that it was more for the sake of others than me. True, I’m studying and until my results come out there’s no way I can decide what to do next, but until then it doesn’t mean that I should simply forget that I exist!

So, to make the woman and person inside me feel happy and loved I did some small things for myself, which in reality go a long way. It is amazing how little things like these can make such a huge difference in our lives and are such confidence boosters! 🙂

I’d been lagging on my reading and am glad that I read almost 5 books in last 2 weeks and have few lined up too. Back to reading with a vengeance made me feel so enriched! 🙂

Although my husband keeps telling me that he loves me irrespective of anything, a long Facebook thread on anti-ageing creams and their effects inspired me to some take time out every day and pamper myself with some homemade besan pack for instant glow! 😉

I’d been battling with weight issues since a long time but last few months had been the worst. I’d piled on so much that I felt like I was wrapped in bubble wrap all the time! It wasn’t even funny anymore. And that’s why I did what I should’ve done long back. I joined Power Yoga last week. I’ve already done 50 power namaskars within small breaks and have run and exercised more than I did in a year! My muscles ache every day, but it feels awesome! 😀 😀

Last but not the least; although there are time constraints and responsibilities, I make sure that I take time out to write. This is like a therapy in itself! Creative work is immensely fulfilling. What more, when fellow bloggers like and appreciate my writing it makes my heart go…ummmmm! 🙂 😛

Ofcourse, there’s much more to life than all these things, but the way to self-happiness can be made and achieved only through our own will and actions. Often, we start putting others above ourselves and make us feel unloved and victimised, when it is all in our hands and attitude. Right? 🙂


55 Fiction prompt

Considering the many interesting writing skills naïve bloggers like me need to develop, Corinne and Vidya Sury have come up with this wonderful prompt called 55 Fiction.

Love is the genre that I’ve chosen to write on. So, here goes! 🙂

“Sorry dear, I’m late.” He said, kneeling down. No response.

“Don’t be upset, please. See I got you your favourite orchids.” Again, no response.

“Our relationship is only too precious to me. You know that, don’t you?”

Just then a gust of wind swept the flowers off the grave, and over his face. She knew.

Hope I’ve done it well! Writing with limited words is definitely not my forte…

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