First Haiku attempt


Keeping in its feathers

The droplets and the quivers

Splashing away the treasure

This is my first ever (and rather amateurish) attempt at Haiku. Nevertheless, I tried to do it and am glad for it.

Thanks to Corinne and Ruchira Shukla for this wonderful prompt on Writetribe. Enjoyed doing it. Hope I’ve done justice to it. 🙂


19 thoughts on “First Haiku attempt

  1. Thank you for liking the write up ! Lovely Haiku here.. Not once is the seasonal reference made explicitly but it gives us such a clear image of the rains. I love the association with the bird ! How about not using “it” in the first line – do you think that might make the Haiku more compact ?


    1. Thanks Ruchira…this was my first time so I wasn’t sure if my approach was right.
      You’re right. Can do away with the ‘it’. Will do so pronto! Thanks for pointing it out and making the Haiku better.


  2. What a cute haiku. Absolutely loved it. Picture and words go so well together. Love the droplets and the quivers.
    Dropping by from the haiku prompt.


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