Simple stuff

Do you think it is better to be scared and nervous than being overconfident? I believe so. Now, don’t take me wrong. All I’m saying is, in proper amount, nervousness can be healthy. Overconfidence can only weaken our ability to face an apparent adverse situation. I might be wrong, but that is what I feel.
I might not be making much sense, I know. I have an exam coming up and I’m nervous as hell. Around exam time I’m always this crying irritable wreck who’s sure to top the list, from downwards. God knows I’m not that big a fool but I can’t perform well when I think I know everything. I simply mess up.
I’ve given time and attention to my studies, as much as I could. I only hope I do well, because it’d break my heart if I don’t. Passing with flying colours is not essential, just a glimpse of a rainbow would do.
Please wish me luck and ignore all the illogical stuff I’ve put down here, if any. I’ll definitely read this one before my next post and add my apologies if necessary.



Some might have a different opinion on this, but the biggest challenge in parenting for me till now has been to keep up with the curiosity and energy of a growing inquisitive toddler. Keeping him engaged whilst doing something productive is quite a feat when his ‘friends’ make best use if their time watching cartoons on television or playing games on their parents’ phones and he simply has to do what they do.

Tougher still is to keep him occupied while travelling. With A joining us it is not much of a problem since I let the boys be and enjoy my moment of privacy and relief. A always chooses overnight journeys and sooner or later A Jr awards us with some quiet and peace by falling asleep. When it is just A Jr and me though I always travel during the day (Loo break leaving sleeping A Jr behind…no no!). Since A Jr doesn’t sleep a wink I’ve to devise new things every time to keep him from driving me crazy.

This time when I was travelling with him I taught him about our solar system; the sun, the planets and the moon. Courtesy of my boy, all the diaries from my purse were dismembered but a pen defiantly survived his assault and survived. I took out a tissue (always carry bunches of them for my cleanliness-obsessed boy) and hurriedly drew a rough sketch of what looked like a solar system to me and explained it to him as simply as I could. That did the trick.

He got interested and shot one question after another: Why can’t we see the moon during daytime? Where are clouds in the solar system? What is the planet with the rings called? Can I wear those rings? Where do the stones come from that fall from the sky? Will the sun burst one day too? Will we get hurt then? Hussshhhh!!! 🙂

It is a bit exhausting to get him to understand everything but I’ve to admit I really enjoy these sessions with him. To make sure his curiosity of knowing and learning about things around him doesn’t diminish I show him pictures from the Children’s Encyclopedia that I’ve brought for him, twice or thrice a week. He chooses the topic of his choice and then I proceed to elaborate it for him. He likes that I treat him like a big boy and let him pick and choose.

Educational institutions these days are so busy trying to cram our children’s minds with their curriculum that the meaning of learning something new for knowledge and fun is fading slowly. Doesn’t it then become our personal responsibility to take our kids into a world where knowledge matters more than marks and percentages?

Agree? What do you do for this? All suggestions and ideas are welcome. Please share them with me and my readers.

Hereby ‘Unfriend’ you!

Do you think it is easy to unfriend anyone?

If this word did exist (I guess it did), before I discovered Facebook I’d never even heard of it. There were only two categories I knew of: friends and not-friends. Demarcation was easy and precise and it made one’s social status quite clear to everyone involved.

Whenever I was with my friends we made merry, picked on others, were mean and possessive and were like a flock of birds with the same feather. We had our reservations about who could join us and who could not and were vocal about any disagreement. We had a comfort zone where we could be ourselves. It wasn’t bad to be wrong or to fail. We were like a big unit which was made of several small ones and glued only with a one element: friendship.

Not-friends were no less important. After all one needs someone to b***h about, right? 😛 Right from what someone rode to college in, what he/she wore or which people he/she mingled with was an issue of deep concern and gossip. There were virtual wars regarding who’s team would win or who would dare an unprecedented stunt. There were some about whom we couldn’t be less bothered too. They were a mere speck in the whole scene and were meant to be ignored. In a way, this category was what cemented our friendship further.

Life was less complicated and it was simpler to put ourselves out there and prove a point if we had to. Alas, its not the same anymore.

FB has changed the way people perceive friendship nowadays. A person’s popularity is gauged by the number of followers he has, which inexcusably leads to an exercise of locating long lost and completely forgotten peers/colleagues/relatives and adding them to his friends list. For the real desperate ones there’s always that ‘Find friends’ option which introduces him to a welcoming world of potentially interested friends/mates.

And what do these people do after they’ve made friends? ‘Like’ each other’s photos (sometimes by a reciprocation understanding), comment on them and start assuming that they form a part of their inner circle. More the time spent on FB, closer they feel to each other, even if they’ve probably never met in person. All caution about breach of privacy and integrity gone in the wind.

If and when something doesn’t work out there’s always the ‘Unfriend’ option which is undoubtedly an easy way out. It is quick and clear and involves much less investment of time or emotion. Nobody can expect any relationship born out of the click of a mouse to work now, can they?

What if such thing existed in real life? With a moment’s notice we’d be chums or strangers?  We’d have to ‘Dislike’ the fond memories we had? We’d tell others that we’ve ‘unfriended’ each other? Wouldn’t it be cold and heartless?

I don’t think I could ever do it. I’ve always believed in sticking to my friends, come what may. Also, our best friends are those who never make a noise about it. Guess the ones who proclaim so but aren’t so, well, fit and deserve the word.

Crazy world :)

Crazy world: If you tell people there are 2 million starts in the universe, people believe you. But if you tell them that the paint on the wall is still wet, they touch it to make sure. 🙂

Someone forwarded this rather deep-meaning message to me. 

Couldn’t help thinking, isn’t this true?

Is believing something simple and easily check-able so difficult for us?

Truth is stranger than fiction

Our Prime Minister and his weaknesses, corruption and even rape seemed to have taken a back seat, because Times Of India reported some ghastly murders today.

A drug-addict killed his neighbour doubting that he stole his mobile.

A husband killed his wife allegedly over an affair.

But the most chilling of all was this one:

A teenage boy was murdered by his cousin and his elder brother’s friend who kidnapped him for ransom and then panicked and killed him when their ransom call wasn’t taken seriously. What more, they tried to be of help and went to lodge a police complaint for kidnapping along with his father. Betting on IPL matches was apparently the reason for the boys turning to this heinous crime. They intended to use the ransom money to pay off their debts.

Know more about this news here.

Any news of sex or violence against a child is very difficult to accept or digest. Had I seen this piece of news, say, six months ago, it’d have traumatised me. I’d gone numb trying to fathom the implications of this whole incident. Sadly, I’m only sad now.Something has changed in me or may be all of us in the recent past and I think crime serials are somewhere to be blamed for it.

Let me get this straight first, I’m not against them. If anything, I’m glad that they’re highlighting what is happening in real life in our country, may be even in our neighbourhood. They’re trying to create awareness by showing what signs and situations can help us foresee a possible threat. Incidents that seem rather mundane and harmless can turn into something far more bitter and horrifying in no time.  ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is what they want us to understand.

Having said that, they’re unknowingly doing something that they probably never intended to do. Seeing horrific crimes and incidents daily and repeatedly is making us impervious to them, is what I feel. I may have been shattered when I saw some particular episode the first time, but the second time, I wasn’t affected just as much. To be honest (and shameless) , I even felt fortunate for not being in some victim’s place.

Crime is also glorified at times for benefit. People must’ve lost their lives, identity, savings, name and reputation, but sometimes it is nothing more than an episode to us. What about their families who live and relive those incidents again and again? The coldness with which we can change the channel for a ‘seen episode’ is what worries me. This isn’t right.

Are you a Mumbaikar?

‘You’re not a Mumbaikar. I am.’ said the girl to me, with more than a hint of pride.

Since I live in Navi Mumbai and she wasn’t wrong, I agreed with her.

Both technically and not, I’m not a Mumbaikar. I’m not born and brought up here and I did not spend much time here to qualify my insistence on being called or accepted as one (not that I am trying to either).

Ever since I set foot in this city I’ve seen and met many locals who’re quick to use this term, wherever they can, to prove that they belong here. Navi Mumbai, which in reality is an extension of Mumbai and provides better infrastructure, better recreational and other facilities and considerably bigger homes to the so-called Mumbaikars, is also regarded as another planet.

I fail to understand the glamour behind it, if any. What is this oft-repeated term made of?

What and how long does it take for a non-Mumbaikar to become and be called one with sincerity?

Isn’t ‘I live in Mumbai’ the same as ‘I’m a Mumbaikar’? Or not?

What about the thousands and lakhs of non-Maharashtrian people who’ve been living in this city for years? Are they Mumbaikars too?



Aashiqui 2: Cause and effects

It is not the first time I’ve seen some movie which had a lasting effect on me and my senses, but yes, it has been quite some time since any such movie came my way.  Call it my over-emotional nature (also my need to protect myself from unnecessarily dramatic situations) and my inability to detach myself from the story and characters coming alive through any medium involved, I’ve always refrained from falling into the trap of love stories and their makers. I’ve always had a slight dislike for OTT romantic and mushy movies, books, serials….anything.

I, hence, surprised myself when I was keen to watch Aashiqui 2. It must be the collective effect of the very melodious songs, the promising promos and the handsome Aditya Roy Kapoor without the mop on his head that tilted the scale in its favour, and I watched it alright.

I loved everything about the movie; the songs, the story, the acting, even the sadness and the gloom. Never mind that I had to sit with a handkerchief to wipe my eyes and nose and had to be cautious not to make sobbing noises, throughout the movie. This must be a rare occasion when I didn’t want to hold A’s hand or even speak a word with him the entire time. Glad A just let me be.

Long after I’d come back I wasn’t my usual self. The images of the shattered Aditya Roy Kapoor and the silently expressive Shraddha Kapoor ran in front of my eyes over and over again. Yes, the movie was dark but I had no idea it would strike such a chord somewhere inside me and make me want to just cry.

My neighbours were baffled when they saw my swollen eyes and puffy face and even more amused when I told them the reason behind it! A was equally clueless since he saw the movie with me and save some scenes where his eyes were moist he was not moved as much. Guess I got too much carried away.

I know its strange. Has such a thing happened with you too?