Time flies

A Jr celebrated his 4th birthday recently, but with his younger cousins and all he’s become the ‘elder’ one quite early. He’s increasingly displaying signs of curiosity for knowing about things around him. Here’s one incident.

A Jr: Mamma, jab Aap 9 yrs ke the tab main kahan tha?
Me: * quick thinking* Aap apne friend Ganesha ke paas the. Mamma school jaati thi na to unhone kaha aapka khayal kaise rakhegi, isliye aapko apne paas bulaya.
A Jr: *convinced* Ohh…ye baat hai!* now showing off* Mujhe pata hai main kahan gaya tha. Ganesha ka ghar mujhe maloom hai.
Then he went on to give me directions to a temple near our place!

He’s slowly and steadily turning into a grown-up of sorts and is becoming very opinionated. His ego is too big for his small stature and he gets offended at the slightest hint of ignorance towards him.

His perfection is a very rare trait one can find in kids his age. Everything he touches, wears or uses has to be clean. The Surf Excel commercials weren’t made for kids like him. Even a speck of dirt on his clothes, and off they go! 😀

A perfect Leo, he assumes the position of a leader without any hassle. He has all the kids his age from our neighborhood follow his instructions diligently. He teaches them from their books and supervises when they do their homework. 😐

I get bugged when he’s behind me for small things and demands my attention all the time, but it won’t be long before he’ll not need me as much and may be then I’ll miss being the center of his universe.

The other day I was telling A on how soon time has passed and how its unbelievable to see my little bundle of joy step towards becoming a charming young man. He agreed, but didn’t bother about it like I did. Indulgent mother? I guess so… 🙂