Playing Google

You know the time when you just want to be a waste and not work at all? There’s a bunch of pending mails that you haven’t answered, you haven’t blogged in a long time, you haven’t catched up on your reading, but you’ve simply lost the will to do any of it?

One day there was one such instance for me. There was a lot of time on hand to kill, and nothing substantial that I wanted to do, and I was rather clueless on what needed my least attention. Just when I thought I was so listless that I should simply give up, Eureka! An idea came to my mind. 😀

Inquisitive to know what kind of online presence I had, I decided to Google myself. Now, I know it is a terribly sad thing to do, I mean what good could it bring to me? I’m not rich nor married to anyone rich, I haven’t publicly taken pangas with anyone, I’ve not been involved in any controversy, I’m not a politician, I’m not a social worker, I haven’t done anything significant to merit my existence on this planet, (Ok, got to stop here. It is MY blog! :P), why would then my name fetch any results at all? 😦

All these questions and more kept doing kathak in my head but I refused to acknowledge them or budge from my stance and went ahead and did the unthinkable, but not before I’d googled some glorious names/surnames. Here’s what I got.



Honestly, I can confess I wasn’t disappointed. Google did try to help me out by offering a suggestion that spelt my surname incorrectly (someone else it was, huh!), but when I did press enter with my own name, I was pleasantly surprised to find everything from my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn page to even my blog out there. 🙂

It is any day better than being an Ambani and then seeing Google fetch some famous else by the same name. This meant that there’s no one around by my name and I do have a unique online presence, isn’t it? 😀

By the way, have you tried to google yourself? Why not do it now and have fun? 🙂


12 thoughts on “Playing Google

    1. My name isn’t unique…but some how I was rather pleased that my full name did turn to be a unique one. Anyway, it hardly matters since it is what wella people do when they’re cooling their heels 🙂


  1. Oh I can differ and say proudly that once my name showed all of my swimming achievements and awards.. 🙂 Now it shows Koyri everywhere… Dont know if that’s good or bad 😀


    1. Of course it is good…when people search you they’d know that you’re as good outside water as you are in it 😀 😀
      As long as complimentary stuff pops up, we’re cool, aren’t we? 😉


  2. what do you think i do the entire day :D? i hate to write, so i keep doing all such things.

    i love your humor posts, please write more of humor stuffs 🙂


    1. You can’t say you hate to write! I’ve not seen any blogger writing funnier stuff than you! That is not at all easy to do. 🙂
      You give me confidence by saying that my humour posts are good, honestly. I’ll definitely try to do more of them. Thank you 🙂


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