Any question? Come to me..

There are times when I vehemently oppose the ganging up of the boys at home. The general inclination being to get away with anything I don’t like by trying to either unite in defence or ridicule the whole purpose behind it. Everything from my penchant to have a clean kitchen or the orderly way in which clothes need to be folded is scorned at, much to my dismay.

It hence gives me immense pleasure when better sense prevails and the more matured one, read A Jr, comes to me to seek some advice if only to reinforce what the less matured one, read A, has taught him. 😀

The other day we went to the market for some grocery shopping. In the mood to teach a thing or two to A Jr, A was asking him to identify all the fruits that a nearby fruit vendor had, while I was busy haggling over some grossly overpriced vegetables.

The smart boy that he is, A Jr identified all of them, except one. Plums. A tried a lot to convince him otherwise, but he just wouldn’t have it. He was adamant that they were small apples. Like a hapless warrior who couldn’t win against a super-strong enemy A gave me a wretched look as soon as I joined them, victorious by the way, and shared his predicament with me.

What happened next was something truly interesting. A Jr asked me, “ Mamma, what is this fruit called?”. I replied, “ Baccha, its called a plum. It’s sweet-sour in taste. You want to try it?” He said he wanted to try it. And while I was being the haggler again, A Jr pompously showed off his new found knowledge to A, “You know Papa, it is called a plum. Mamma told me na, now I know it is!”. *pleased with himself on being smarter than Dad* 🙂 🙂

A Jr agreed with me without any persuasion, but the look on A’s face was unforgettable! It was a precious blend of hurt, disbelief, dejection and embarrassment. He couldn’t come to terms with the fact that, his pal and partner in all crimes committed against me, had so unceremoniously discredited his judgement. 😛

He displayed his offence quite literally by taking back his promise to treat A Jr with chocolates. Undeterred, A Jr highlighted to him the fact that his dear Mamma can also do the needful. The sarcastic smile on my face seemed to be pasted with Fevicol by then and refused to go all evening. 😀 😀


If Sachin can, so can I!! :D

This post marks a special occasion. It happens to be my 100th. Yes! If WordPress hadn’t adeptly kept a count of my posts I’m sure I’d have considered this as a grievous mistake, since I’m not convinced that I’ve actually written so much! Having an inclination for writing isn’t enough, it was only the support and love of my readers, who’ve been kind enough to read and comment on my posts, that I got the encouragement and confidence to carry on writing. Thank you all!!! 🙂 🙂

Like a mother who can’t decide what it is about her child that she likes the most, there are a lot of things about my blog that I love but cannot pin-point them. It has been a part of my existence; my release for every emotion and feeling that went unsaid and unexpressed in real life. As I was approaching this magic figure there was a lot of retrospection of my older posts going on. There were so many things that I wrote and I wanted to read and reread. What more, I wanted to pester even my readers to do that! 😛

Thankfully, I got the chance to share some of my older posts with you through this very interesting tag. Some of them are my favourites, and some are yours. I had fun going back to them, I hope you like them too. 🙂

I have to list my posts according to the category mentioned. Thanks Scribby. Loved doing this! 🙂

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I’ve been very lazy with this one. Most people who’d been tagged have already done this wonderfully. So anyone who’s willing to take this up is most welcome to do that. Please mention it in the comments section so I can come back and read your blog!

Finally, once again, a big thanks to all you wonderful people out there. It’s only readers like you who make me feel like my writing is appreciated and liked. 🙂 🙂

Wake up M!

M is our next door neighbour. A very chirpy and boisterous teenager, she’s focussed, diligent and speaks her mind. For strangers she might seem a little belligerent and edgy, but in reality she’s a very sweet girl with a charming personality. She’s doing very well academically and is also a great help to her mother at home.

You’re probably wondering why suddenly I’m going all out about her! If you’ve read my last post you know the unfortunate situation of my friend. M in all probability doesn’t know about it (I didn’t tell her and she doesn’t know I blog) and this might not even be an issue she’d give the slightest thought to. Sad, since I can see that in a way she’s heading towards running into many such instances and jerks not too long from now.

I was at their place yesterday. Her mother and I were having our regular share of gossip, leg-pulling, recipe-sharing etc over a cup of tea while A Jr was running around in their house tugging on curtains and kicking around M’s soft-toys. M is a Diploma student and is appearing for her vivas these days. She was just back from college and was very tired. Her vivas went well but she was still very upset. Worried, we asked her what happened. Here goes:

M: (to her Mom) My vivas went well but you know I cried a lot today. Can you see my eyes are still swollen?
M’s Mom: *surprised* Why did you cry when your viva went well??
M: *still upset and ready to cry* You know K na.. I’d promised him I’ll help him with this subject. I even taught him a little bit. Then yesterday I went out with another friend of mine, which K said he had no problem with, and today he was upset that I’m not paying enough attention to him. I tried to convince him but he was still angry.
M’s Mom: *not interested and slightly angry* What nonsense! Why can’t you just concentrate on yourself and your studies? Your exams are important or some silly boy with his silly problems? Sleep over it, ok.
M: *puppy-faced* Ya, but he’s my friend na..

After some time M made Maggi for herself and A Jr. Since it works wonders on their taste buds, both seemed to have mellowed a bit after gulping it down. Visibly in a better mood, M came to me.

M: You know Didi, whenever I wear this t-shirt (it had a monkey-cap) I don’t need to carry a handkerchief. I can wipe even my face with this cap! 😀
Me: *not pleased* Yikes! Why’d you do that? When you can carry a handkerchief on other days, why not with this t-shirt too?
M: I don’t carry one even on regular days. I use my friend’s handkerchief that he carries for me. In fact he says he has a whole stock of fresh ones at home, only for me! Cool na…

At this point, understandably, M’s Mom got annoyed. Everything, right from the extra pocket money spent on useless shopping ventures to books that were bought but never used, the wardrobe full of clothes and the new handkerchiefs that remained untouched, etc was thrown her way. Even the hygiene angle to using someone else’s personal belongings came up, but she remained unperturbed.

Her mother mumbled under her breath on how difficult it was getting to put a point across her and how she simply wouldn’t pay any heed to some well-meaning advice.

Both these instances unambiguously depicted one thing; the casualness with which one regards friendships these days. I don’t want to sound petty by saying that every time there’s some dark intent behind getting close to anyone. College kids are more prone to this than anyone else, since the rebellious and adventurous streak in them makes even the most thoughtful ones lose their judgement.

I haven’t spoken with M regarding this as yet, though I’d like to make her feel responsible for herself and her acts. She’s in the age where going wrong is the easiest thing that can happen to anyone. Like I said earlier, better to be on guard. Right? 🙂

What we don’t reckon

A young boy besotted with a married lady and a mother. Lot of friendly banter and a simple gesture of exchanging phone numbers by the lady very wrongly misconstrued as an invitation to feed all kinds of lecherous intentions. Virtual stalking begins with incessant calling and messaging. All this leading to strained relations at home. Subtle pleas for some well needed space go unnoticed until one day the lady decides to end it all by unabashedly asking the boy to lay off.

This story might make for a wonderful movie script, only it is not fictional. Some days ago a friend of mine shared this incident that happened with her with me. Initially I was shocked, then upset and then downright angry at the brazenness of the guy in question. Did the fact that the girl was married mean nothing to him or it instigated him to presume that her house-wife life was boring?

I know this girl very well and hence can confidently conclude that this girl isn’t the one who’d suggest anything to anyone, even by mistake. She has a beautiful marriage, a lovely kid, and is extremely happy with the way her life is shaping up. Her husband is one of the kindest souls on earth and has been her constant support in everything she’s undertaken. Her girl is in one word, precious.

This guy in question is a far off relative of her husband, who she didn’t even know too well. They met at a family function and hit it off instantly. He playfully complimented her and flirted with her, while she on her part was dignified and matured enough to take it in her stride. Her silence would seem encouraging, she never thought.

Whatever it was she did that created a wrong impression about her is something she’s still not able to contemplate. It’s not like she hasn’t been around guys. She’s had many male friends. However something like this never happened with her, even before marriage. A friend was a friend, and the one who wasn’t, well, he simply had to stay away. Isn’t that how it works always?

She was shaken to the core after being misinterpreted so erroneously. She was lucky her husband didn’t blame her for being negligent, only he was upset that she didn’t think this whole thing through before. Why’d a guy almost 9-10 yrs younger to her be on her trail instead of looking for girls his age? Why’d he pester her for miniscule things? Didn’t he know how to use his own brains?

I’m glad it all got sorted out. The side-effects of this thing could be dangerous though. What if the guy didn’t leave her even after being warned? Would her husband trust her like before, after knowing and seeing all this? There are umpteen cases nowadays where the smallest squabble between husband and wife led to someone being hurt or killed. It’s best to keep a safe distance from such idiots who wouldn’t think twice before foolishly wrecking someone’s home.

Hope she understands she got away too easily. She sure is a blessed girl. Others may or may not be. It could get ugly. Better to be on guard. Isn’t it?