I’m not sure if it is the fact that I’m a mother or my liberal but respectful upbringing contributes to this, but the fact that Uncles/ Teachers called as ‘Arre’ and referred to very casually seems very offending. Are impressionable kids supposed to be taught through these commercials that being disrespectful is ‘cool’?


Some respect please…

A New Me!

I know I’ve been away from my blog for quite some time, but for the first time I can truly confess that I didn’t miss being here. How? Why? Well, writing something only for the heck of it is quite a chore and the end result is almost always dissatisfactory (at least for me), so until I had something worth sharing I was procrastinating.

Although I was lying low online, my real life was anything but. There was loads of activity and tons of things needed immediate attention. All this involved a week long trip to my native as well as my in-laws. Since my itinerary was jam-packed and everything was planned to perfection there was never a dull moment! 🙂

I’m not going to bore you guys by giving an elaborate account of what all transpired in these two weeks. I want you to come back to my blog after all! 😀 There are some things though which merit a special mention and which I’d like to lock into memory in my own words.

I mentioned in my earlier mails that I’m getting a professional degree, and on account of that there was a training session I had to compulsorily attend. Frankly, I wasn’t looking forward to it. I didn’t know what to expect from it. For me it was just a job that needed to be done. Strangely, I refused to take a waiver for it when I easily could.

Being on the same platform as college kids (some of whom were almost a decade younger to me) and attending lectures with them wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought. Even in my wildest dreams I wouldn’t imagine doing something like this and would like to believe that with age I’m showing signs of maturity. 😛 In fact I enjoyed being called Didi and looked upon for answers that no one else could manage to get! 🙂

Amongst the many people who spoke to us there was one particular elderly gentleman who impressed me. Let me tell you a bit about him first.

Soon after completing his studies he got his dream job and within 5 years he had a salary and lifestyle that people would give an eye for. He worked incessantly round the clock, took his family and health for granted until one day without any warning he crashed. He was hardly in his early thirties that time.

To cut a long story short, this whole thing made him realise the deeper meanings of our life, something that no amount of work or money can get for us. He turned to spirituality. Not that he stopped working. Only, he tried and managed to create a balance between work and life.

The lecture he gave us was on Stress Management.

He had a lot to say about our Facebook addicted generation. He said that by the looks of it, everyone is out there putting up pictures or sharing the details of their enviable and very happening life with their friends and family. Can we assume what we see is true always? If a person is truly happy, why’d he waste his time sitting in front of a screen rather than living up the moment? If everyone is so gung-ho about everything, who’s unhappy? Has unhappiness disappeared somewhere or we’re fooling ourselves?

One more thing that he said and which I’ve always believed myself is, a person can’t live his life through a camera. In the quest to get the perfect shot, the entire purpose of visiting a beautiful place is lost (unless of course you’re a photographer simply doing your job) since you want to simply capture the beauty, not absorb it.

Being in touch with your spiritual side is very liberating. There’s no age or rule for it. How many of us actually try to sit alone and listen to our own thoughts? Have we tried to find out if we’re interesting to ourselves? How much of me and how much of others form a part of our thoughts?

I enjoyed listening to him and am going to act on it myself. I’ve realised that I can get a lot of work can be done if I can restrict my FB time. Time is truly a luxury we take for granted, since forever. Can’t we sacrifice a little bit of our television/computer time and meditate instead? 🙂

Hope I haven’t sounded preachy. I do stand by every word I said.

Kyunki Main Hoon..

ना खुद को बड़ा जाना, ना अस्तित्व को अपने,

जाना तो सिर्फ ये की इश्वर की कल्पना हूँ.

अधूरा सा जहां था मेरे बगैर शायद,

पूरा करे जो उसको मैं वो ही चेतना हूँ.

अगणित हैं रूप मेरे, अगणित सी छटाएं हैं,

समा सके किसीमे वो शब्द बहुत कम हैं.

ना एक नाम मेरा, ना एक ही जनम है,

कण कण में मेरे बसता पीढ़ियों का एक संगम है.

ममता की मैं हूँ मूरत, मुझमें ही प्रेमिका भी,

संसार चलता मुझसे, और मुझसे ही बढ़ता भी.

जिस राह पर चली मैं उसे पूरा निभाया है,

मैं जननी, अन्नपूर्णा और मार्गदर्शिका भी.

ना हार मानी मैंने, ना टूटना है जाना,

विपरीत भी जहाँ हो, खुद ना कम है माना.

इश्वर ने श्रेष्टता का वरदान जो दिया है,

उसमे यकीन करके,संसार को है पाना.