Being someone who mostly found better friends in the opposite sex had its own pitfalls for me. Although I enjoyed sharing all kinds of witty, dirty and mind-numbingly stupid jokes with them, there were times when I simply wished the earth would open up and swallow me! 😦

There was a time when we friends were hanging out and someone swore. Nothing new, but the worst part was when I didn’t know what it meant and I ended up asking one of the guys, which only resulted in guffaws and more guffaws everywhere! πŸ™‚

There was another time when our class was planning a class trip. Suggestions were being called for the preferred destinations and one place that got the majority of votes was Khajuraho caves. Ignorant me, I didn’t see through the mischievous and wicked smiles and asked someone what they were about. I got the answer, yes, but only after the whole class was informed that I finally know what the fuss is all about! πŸ˜›

A girl was called a machine. Everyone knew it of course, except me. When I was enlightened with this particular piece of knowledge I couldn’t help laughing every single time someone used the word. Result: People rolled their eyes in disgust on what a child I was! πŸ˜€

Those were college days and this is a leaf out of the whole book of very fond memories. Interestingly, I find it rather amusing when I get similar reactions from A on certain things. I always wanted my husband to be a good friend of mine, but A did what I certainly had not expected.

The other day he was watching the promos of movies due to release soon. Amongst them was Agent Vinod and A was watching Kareena Kapoor’s mujra song. I was in the kitchen when he called out for me. Reluctantly I came out, only to find A tell me, β€œ See the way she’s shown her cleavage in this song!” I was flabbergasted and feigned offence to the whole female population of the world while he went on enjoying the song. πŸ˜€

This reminded me of college days when guys would ditch any one of us for a few moments with their current favourite or make me check out the girl they thought was hot.

Friends or husbands, guys don’t change, do they?? πŸ˜‰


14 thoughts on “LOLzzzz

    1. Hehe…he’s unperturbed with such comments…I can’t help ogling every time I see Brad Pitt, Ranbir Kapoor, Johnny Depp and other hunks in movies or on tv…he’s amused to say the least! Not bothered 😦


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