Mind it!!

How do you react when a guy’s rather lecherous actions are making you exceedingly uncomfortable and attracting unnecessary attention?

Why can’t men stop themselves from misbehaving even with girls their daughter’s age?

How do you handle the situation when all you want is to slap that person’s face, but can’t, since your hyper-active toddler who retains and repeats everything you said and did is present there?

Why are men so incorrigible that they can’t stop ogling at anything that walks in a skirt (or salwar suit or sari in my case)?



6 thoughts on “Mind it!!

  1. Maybe it is not too early to teach children that such men are bad. of course couching them in suitable words. and what of misbehaving? they even rape babies. The world has become a perverse place indeed.


    1. Imagine my condition Aunty, that shameless guy was the one at fault and I was getting embarrassed! He was trying and talking to A Jr while giving me looks! What would the poor boy understand? I was shocked and angry. I did give him a mouthful though. But that’s not enough for such perverts.


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