Taking someone out on a date

Have you ever been on a date? What am I asking,of course you have. Irrespective of how awesome, good, boring, stretched or bad a date went we somehow can never let it fade out of our memory, if only for future reference on whom or where to invest your time. 🙂

Frankly, in my case, the date quota has been quite limited, what with me being a complete tom-boy in college and having settled for an arranged marriage where the fiance lived in a different city. Although post marriage A more than made up for lost time and opportunities, I must confess how inadequate these dates were compared to the other guy I’ve been dating for more than 3 years now.

Remember the scene in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai where Shahrukh Khan tells Salman Khan that his Anjali is more beautiful than Salman’s because she’s his 8 year old daughter? Well, in the same way, I can safely say that my date is anytime better than A because it is my 3.6 year old son, A Jr. 😀 😀

Believe it or not, going out with A Jr is a lot more exciting and fulfilling than being pampered and looked after on a date myself. I’d heard that motherhood makes one selfless and caring, I seem to have taken it to another level, since on A Jr’s request I simply dress up both of us and head out, A’s presence notwithstanding. 🙂

Though he’s too young for it, and is a guy, A Jr’s idea of going out every time somehow revolves around shopping. Whenever I announce that we’re stepping out,he promptly pops up the question, what are you getting for me? What more, he has specific taste and choices, picks up his own clothes, is very fussy about colours and never settles for anything average. 🙂

He’s amongst the most active kids in play-parks and watching him enjoy himself is surely a delight. He’s a bit dominant at times, and though I advise him to take it easy, guess with age the maturity to handle himself well will come in. His obsession for cars is annoying at times, for every time we pass by a shop the salesmen invite him in with a bright smile and I end up coughing money for toys he doesn’t need. 😛

If I come to calculating seriously, I’ve been on more dates with A Jr than A, with me being home with him ever since he was born. I’ve planned the dates meticulously, picked up my date, gifted him chocolates, bought balloons and books for him, what more even paid for everything myself, but it has been a wonderful experience, to say the least! 🙂

Jealous?? I hope not! 😉 😉


My Beauty Secret :)

She invited me in with a warm and welcoming smile. She looked at me as if I’d been missed there a lot and it showed. She demonstrated real concern over my long absences and almost questioned my neglect. Since I’d called in advance she was ready with a list of stuff I’d undeniably need to get done. She was a friend everyone would want to have. She was my life-saver, my rescuer. She was my beautician. 😀

Every single time I pay a visit to this just-around-the-corner parlour I get a feeling that I’ve undoubtedly become uglier than before and even a day’s delay would’ve worsened it further had I not finally decided to park my lazy self in there. 😦 The lady certainly has learned all the ropes of the business very well, what with all the cajoling and sweet-talking even while burning a hole in the pocket of her clients.

Every place has its own charm and existence and a beauty parlour is no exception. The distinctive smell of creams and lotions, the noise of hair-dryers and scissors nipping unwanted tresses, the stack of fashion and film magazines strewn all over, the helping and trainee girls chitchatting amongst themselves, the endless and necessary gossiping of ladies etc are just some of the characteristics that make all parlours, no matter where they are or whom they cater to, as one single defined entity. 🙂

I personally find their way of going about their business very passive aggressive, with the best part being that they actually convince you to choose a therapy of their choice, no matter what you decidedly came for. Only yesterday, two ladies came in just few minutes after me. They wanted a facial done for a wedding in their family. The lady who was busy working on my face requested them to wait awhile and used that spare time to recommend some great options. I was rather amused at how persuading she was and how successfully she managed to make both of them go for a 1000 bucks facial, even when they had not come prepared for it. Flexible payment options she said I think. 😛

As far as I’m concerned, yes the visit was long pending and I’m glad I got all prepped up for A’s cousin’s wedding. I’m not one of her regulars and she despises me a bit for it I think. Why rely only on them when you can go for easier non-expensive home remedies, right? She hasn’t managed to influence me yet, that’s why she keeps trying even more. 😀

Well, like they say, love them or hate them but you can’t ignore them. Here, it’s more of a necessity since one needs to be cleaned up and pampered at all times,isn’t it?

So YAY for them! 😀 😀

Bas yun hi..

पाया है जिस ख़ुशी को दिल चाहे फिर से पाना

क्यूँ मीठा सा लगे ये रह रह के दूर जाना

हैं पास पर नहीं पास होने की हरकत

है चंचल बड़ा दिल का ये मुस्कुराना

One eventful day

Sometimes it so happens that a regular unimportant day becomes painfully morose and irreparably damaged, for no explicit reason. Everything is the same, but there’s a certain gloom that absorbs everything into it. Yesterday was one such day for me. 😦

Few things that happened in the past and few that are about to take place in future collectively contributed to somehow spoil my present. Call it a series of bad coincidences, that all of this happened on the same day.

  • One of A’s cousins is going to get married in a week’s time. He’s a practicing lawyer, has completed his masters and is also a visiting lecturer in a Law college. His family is quite well-off financially and is active on the social circuit. The girl on the other hand belongs to a small town and after completing 12th Std never intended to study further. Her family is very rich (relevant here) and has promised a handsome amount as dowry. A’s Uncle was overjoyed with this whole thing since that’s exactly what he wanted. According to him an educated girl is self-centred and cannot adjust anywhere. It’s shameful to recollect that this very person was instrumental in getting us married. Yesterday we received his wedding invite, hence the anger.
  • The IL’s impending visit on Friday comes with a lot of tense anticipation and decidedly severe repercussions. All’s not been well at this end since a long time, and a lot of water has flown under the bridge now. Their frail health, continuous grumbling and never-ending expectations have made matters worse. Something’s gone wrong somewhere else and I’m left to deal with the after-effects. I’ve been worked up with this whole idea.
  • My decision to add another professional degree to my resume took everyone in my family by surprise. While some were encouraging, some thought that I’d lost my mind. No one questioned my resolve though, good for them. Anyway, with so much happening so fast, I’m not getting enough time and energy to focus on my studies. I simply don’t feel like it. This is leading to a lot of frustration and anger.
  • I was obsessed with weight loss for last six months and succeeded in meeting my goals. It gave me a high and I managed to reduce almost 7 kgs all by myself. The New Year celebrations though managed to do what Diwali and Christmas couldn’t! I gained 1.5 kgs overnight and until my weighing scale touches the same old figure I’ll probably keep sulking.

So there. Finding myself in the middle of all this madness made me all miserable and snappy. The day’s gone now and I’d like to believe that so have the problems attached with it. There are some things that are in my control and the one’s that aren’t, well, they can get lost! The best way to deal with problems is to face them, not brood over them and play victim, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

For better times, bearable relatives and a good future, YAY! 🙂


This picture is self-explanatory. I don’t think I need to mention that these are A Jr’s t-shirts. A stylish brat that he’s turning out to be, he’s picked up most of them himself. A look at them and we’ll know just how fortunate and looked after the kids of today are. The way they worship their Gods and idolise their superheroes is quite innovative! 🙂

When I was a kid, my mother made it a point that she stitched all my clothes herself. Not blessed with the same creativity, I’m glad my job’s been done well by these brands. Not to forget how over-excited and overjoyed my little darling gets when he gets to wear them! 🙂

Of Gods and Superheroes!