My Regular 9 Picks

My previous post was on tags and this one is an apt continuation. Some days ago Nu tagged me with this one. In fact she has tagged me quite a few times and now I’m trying desperately to finish them. I’d liked this tag since it was shorter and more interesting than other ones and hence it comes first!
I have to list 9 things that I wear regularly. This can be a bit tough for the mother of a 2-year old, since I’m left with little or no time for myself or my choices, but let me try and get this list ready 🙂

1.Rings– at any given point of time one would find me wearing at least 3 rings on my fingers. I’m absolutely in love with them and do not choose to part with them at any cost!:)
2.More rings– My brother jokes exaggerates that one day I’ll become a sieve, owing to my fondness to get pierced. I wear three pairs of earrings and a nose ring too!;)
3.Hair accessories– Though I have gorgeous hair that look best when left open, on any regular day my hair are carelessly done up into a bun with the help of a clutcher/hair pin. I hate the constant distraction they cause otherwise.
4.Kajal– I detest any other form of eye make-up but I can’t do without my kajal. I love the sensuous and smoky look it gives to my eyes and wear it everyday.
5.Jeans– From being signature cowboy attire to being an integral part of any girl’s wardrobe Jeans have come a long way. I swear by my untorn and very conservative pair of Jeans (colour no bar) at all times and comfortably slip into them anytime!:)
6.Smile– Wonder if this should’ve been first on the list, but nevertheless. A Jr’s innocent smile has taught me the importance of a smile like I never knew before. So now even when I’m not in the best of my moods I try to wear a smile on my face and scare those frowns away!:) 🙂
7.Slip-ons– I don’t like being barefoot even at home and love to don my soft and comfortable pair of slip-ons all the time.
8.Face creams/lip balms– I’m very picky when it comes to either of those ‘se my skin is very sensitive. I do not put any make-up but there won’t be a single day when I didn’t pamper myself with these!
9.My heart– People say that I wear my heart on my sleeves, and that I guess can come under the regular ‘wearable’ category! I’m very emotional and feel and cry more than I’ll ever accept.:D

So there!! That was the list of my essential and regular ‘wearable’ stuff! I’m not tagging anyone here. Whoever likes it can this up and drop a comment on my blog informing me of it!


18 thoughts on “My Regular 9 Picks

  1. Three pairs of earrings, not to forget the one in the nose! Gosh1 That's quite a few! while wearing a smile is great, wearing one's heart on one's sleeves is not so comfortable, is it? An interesting list that! 🙂


  2. Rings and then more you are brave girl.. I remember my ear getting peirced the first time and I don't remember any pain but I would be too scared to go through that again. Needles and me don't go well together..Love 6 and 9 🙂


  3. @zephyr: Oh yes…too many rings there….A jokes that I probably scream more when I see a cockroach but piercing is bearable :PWearing one's heart on the sleeves is not good, honestly. Its like voluntary subjectment to pain and torture :(Thanks…please take this up…will you?


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