Good Morninggg everyone!

I woke up to the miracle of today slightly late, but for some reason I can’t comprehend, I’m in high spirits!

Even something as mundane as waking up next to your better half of more than ten years or being the first one to cuddle the two most beautiful and priceless gifts ever, makes me feel blessed and leaves my heart full of gratitude.

For a woman, wife and mother there is nothing more rewarding than keeping her family happy, healthy and well fed. So, here’s the fulfilling breakfast for a blissful indulgent morning!🙂


Alu parathas, anyone?🙂

Special love and a warm invite for all my lovely blogger friends to join us in! Stay happy and blessed all of you!❤

Tickling the funny bone


If Kajol’s never seen before uber-cool avatar convinces me that self-indulgence and a ‘Yummy Mummy’ tag after having two kids is way hotter than resignedly and recklessly bracketing myself in the ‘Auntyji’ category, this revelation of a lady inspires me to stay true to myself, keep my attitude and my chin up all the time, accept life and its surprises with open arms and most importantly, never forget to tickle that funny bone.

Keep your sense of humour, my friend; if you don’t have a sense of humour it just isn’t funny anymore.

~ Wavy Gravy.

Dear Marathon ‘Liker’

I like you. I really do.

You belong to the fast developing endangered species of altruistic humans that a lot of bloggers base their egos and self-worth on. In all your selfless grandeur, you lurk somewhere in the dark alleys of the blogosphere till the time some unsuspecting soul smudges the ‘New post’ page with something, anything, and hits the ‘Publish’ button in all his naiveté.

You zoom past everything else to make your presence felt right away with a simple (and much appreciated) click on the keyboard. What mould are you made out of? How can you be so big-hearted? Does this come naturally to you?

You are any blogger’s dream come true! We don’t have to lose sleep over having to turn the comments off to avoid any nasty conversations on controversial topics, writing painfully long venting-out posts or creating illegible slipshod poetry. Bothering ourselves about their acceptance or the affect they’ll have our readership isn’t even a concern anymore. How great is that!😀

I haven’t had the heart to keep track of how many munificent souls like you have blessed my blog with their company, but it is truly an honour. Never mind the trivial fact that plugging my blog to such ghost ‘likers’ wasn’t why I started it in the first place. I had these silly notions called writing, creativity, letters, sharing, feedback, etc. What, I was living in denial, you say? May be.

Every one of us loves stats. I do too. I’d be lying if I say that crossing impressive milestones on my blog every time didn’t make me feel like doing the ‘Shake it Daddy’ routine. However, I would be genuinely flattered if someone actually liked what I wrote or shared and gave their two cents on it, if possible; even constructive criticism.

I have met and made a lot of virtual friends here, some of whom probably know me better than my real friends right now. We have a relationship that extends far deeper than the generic ‘liking’ and/or ‘commenting’ on each other’s blogs. I truly value my readers and would like to believe that the feeling of respect and admiration is mutual.

So, when you like ten posts on my blog in less than a minute, I’m not particularly inclined to take it as a compliment. Also, reciprocating just for the sake of it isn’t my scene. Whether you visit my blog just to post your link or try enticing me into it with some well-rehearsed prep talk, I’m quite boring and disobliging that way. I’ll come to your blog and stay if you’re good though, I promise.

There’s a good chance you won’t spare your precious time to read this post, like many others, but when a woman has to talk she just needs to.🙂

Relax ~ Weekly Photo Challenge

A cup of coffee, a good book, a walk down the road, a good movie, engaging in creative activities, spending time with family or friends or simply surrendering in the lap of sleep; all of us have some or the other way to relax our stressed, tired or overworked brain cells.

It is amazing how a simple moment we managed to capture years ago suddenly turns therapeutic and nostalgic. Thanks to this prompt, I decided to sift through some old family albums and nosedived into a bagful of beautiful memories of my parents, my in-laws, our newlywed days and most importantly, my lovely kids!🙂


The two important men in my life ~ Dad strolling with AJr on the beach


Architecture or illumination..there is something magical about stupas


A Jr writing on the sand for the first time!


Angel pressing her lips against the glass in the train to feel the cold🙂

Be alone, not lonely! 

So, when you’re down in the dumps even the shrink will put a price on your misery. Is it worth it? 

Get up, buck up and face the world! Keep only good thoughts and people for company, else you’re better off on your own.

It is alright to be alone, not lonely.🙂

Echoes and Answers

Hello. Hello. Hello.

Her voice echoed.

She couldn’t decide what made her happier; her own voice or having someone talk to her.

Holding his last letter in her hand, she stared at the infinite space.

Her life wasn’t over yet. Crumbling the paper and flinging it away she screamed unbridled to remind herself.